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    My Dear BCGians

    I would also like to add One more Final Paragraph before the trading begins today – for all those Doubting Thomasses, Naysayers, Shorters and the Smear campaigners

    You always asked for Showcasing the International Books of BCG. Your smear campaigning was always surrounding the previous year’s AR and the books.

    What else could be an ACID Test for our Beloved BCG than the FORENSIC AUDIT by the concerned Authorities?!

    Once this AGNI PAREETCHA comes to an end, based on the OUTCOME of the FORENSIC AUDIT – as and when…..

    The Naysayers will become YES Sayers…..

    The Shorters will loose out heavily…..

    The Doubting Thomases and those who tender off their holdings based on the current scenariowill loose out to a BIG LIFE TIME OPPOURTUNITY.

    The Smear Campaigners face will be SMEARED OFF with PITCH BLACK paint.

    Here you go!!!!


    I can tell you with CONFIDENCE, based on the research and the Conviction that, WE THE LONG TERM ARDENT BCGIANS WILL INDEED HAVE THE FINAL LAUGH

    Be the proud Owners of BCG – which has already offered and will further offer – the Mammoth Wealth Creation opportunity of the year and decade to come!!!!!


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    My Dear BCGians

    Its Great to write and be in touch with you all once again after Couple of years in this Forum.

    We the Long term Believers of our BCG have Stood Fast during the Various Ups and Downs. We have seen the worst between 2016 to 2021.

    We all believed in the Fundamentals of BCG and because of our research and Convictionbenefitted Leaps and Bounds for which we are eternally grateful to the company which created WEALTH for all of us.

    We always knew about the naysayers and Haters of our beloved BCG. They hated us when it was low. They hated us even more when it reached 50 s and 100s. They prayed in silence and did all sorts of smear Campaign against us on multiple platforms. But, to their Grief, Nothing Mattered and Markets Proved BCG TO BE THE KING. BCG In fact touched all time high of 200 and became Large Cap, which this Naysayers couldn’t tolerate or believe!!!

    Now, Markets has given an Opportunity for these Haters and Naysayers a MINISCULE Chance- I Once again re emphasize- MINISCULE CHANCE for them to augment their smear campaign against us.

    These Haters and Naysayers are the ones, WHO DONT EVEN HAVE a single share in their holding, who are doubled up in bending the back – trolling, requesting, pleading and begging for the retailers to sell the shares!!!

    Also, these are the Mahaan souls who always say in retrospect “ I told you so” !!!

    The Haters and Naysayers, became vehement and Obstinate Naysayers, because, they didn’t get an opportunity to buy BCG because of their foolish one sided belief or those who fell into the missed Golden Opportunity group.

    I can say with Utmost confidence in the company that I am invested based on my years of research – We will emerge out of this minor upset– rather GLORIOUSLY with Flying Colours, colouring all the Haters and Naysayers face – PITCH DARK.

    I also, will say, to our beloved BCG community – take decisions in Buying, Holding or selling – Purely based on one’s own research and conviction, rather getting influenced by those who says I told you so!!!

    Its also my strong belief that- 2022 will also be the Year of BCG, as like 2021 – Two years in succession…. Considering all the Developments that are happening in our BCG and also in the Adtech sector.

    Missed opportunities will cost the retail participant very dearly… hence, . Dont Fall Prey for it. Stay Put… Stay Long… and be a part of the History in the evolution of making a Mammoth Wealth Creation opportunity through and by- our beloved BCG


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    Dear Sac6310


    Many thanks for asking my opinion.

    I shall write three sentences, Sac

    1.Company is in a relatively very good position- because of Funds they have got from PW,PA and possibly LOC.

    2.The PW allotment, As I see is and was the game changer ,as it satisfied the appetite of whoever wanted it at such lower price

    3.BCG already announced about the plans for inorganic growth from.the PW funds and the tweet from.Brightcom confirmed it ( watch the space)….AdAuth figures may possibly represent growth of organic figures, possibly, but, Logan, who is a veteran in this field,in one of his posts stated that, there is no direct correlation between AdAuth figures and organic growth.

    BCG is certainly and extremely well poised.I am more than bullish and waiting for the tide to take the ride.


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    My Dear BCGians….

    # 11598 @sac6310 #11596 @buffet #11593 @Logan

    BCG announced the PW approval by the exchanges on the last day of the March. Today Culminates the 15th day. Hopefully, we are to expect the News about the PW allotment very soon.

    It is Very important for the Needy and thereby Indirectly to all of us.The rules of the game are simple. The Needys Needs ARE TO BE Satisfied. Unless this happens, The Long drawn drama will not come to a culmination.

    Looking at the scheme of things that has happened so far, All seems to be going in the Right direction.Pending Problems solved. Needys Needs are being met with. The Company has announced plans and given Directions for the near future.

    The announcement of the PW will let us know, as to what % has been subscribed and whether 100% payment has been done or not. AS it is Warrants, I suspect only 25% downpayment will happen and in due course of time 100& payment and conversion will happen.

    Going through the post of Logan #11593, about the utilisation of funds of PW and LOC, It is certainly an intresting postulation. Lets take Logans Postulate into practical application. PW funds are to be utilised for Inorganic Growth related needs and LOC funds to be utilised for Organic Growth.

    The calculation of Logan states expenditure upto 260 Crs for Inorganic needs of Daum closure and getting back Lycos and a Hefty Acquisition of Audio company.AS of today, Our BCG should be having 64Crs in the kitty from the PW 25% down payment , considering allotment was 100%. This is approximatly 9MD. Whether the funds are going to be utilised immediatly or after receipt of 100% funds, will determine the closure of Daum and news about Acquisition, I guess. Or, The other possibility is , part payment of both in the big scheme of things and come up with the news.

    @Logan…, Your expert views and opinions are welcome on this pet subject.

    The very fact that BCG came with an announcement regarding Acquisition gives us some clue that, the End acquisition product has been vetted and near finalised. Unless this has happened, I suspect, No company will come with any forward looking annoucement.

    PW, although is a Significant dilution of the Equity shares, we are going to accept the same on an imposed manner and we better see the good side of things, which are

    1. Needy Needs satisfied
    2. Indirectly benifitting us – All the retail share holders( as , nothing will happen unless the Needy is happy)
    3. Proper Utilisation of funds- Closure of the Legacy Daum issue and bringing back Lycos
    4. Inorganic Growth via Acquisition
    5. Organic Growth with LOC funds as and when announced

    Regarding LOC, there are multiple theories. I suspect, This might have materialised a while ago. If the news comes out regarding LOC, the Needys PW might be at Peril and lots of question will be asked regarding the need to PW when, the funds are already there.

    Although Logans Postulate seems to make sence in the way of payment distribution of funds(25 Cr Interest at 5%), once again, its my Gut feeling and the same time makes sense that primarily the PW was done for needys needs rather than for inorganic growth.

    However, in nutshell, It is double income for the company,whichever way we see it. The RICH but CASH DRY company, will be flush with some liquid cash- both from PW funds and LOC funds.

    This is like a gentle drizzle and gentle cool breeze on a hot summerday with signs of greenaries visible at ground level.


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    Hey Logan… Referring to your post #11527

    AS you have correctly stated,I also suspect, Lycos & Daum are infact stale issues and possibly will add No worthwhile credit to the Fundamentals or to the future of our BCG and there might not be any Major Spark, but for closure of some laggard old archived issues.

    But they are of importance for closure of our Cobwebbed Pending issues and is not going to add any Major value addition, I guess.

    But, On the other hand, If the management is Pro active and are Upto date and Futuristic and If THEY WALK THE TALK of Acquisitions that they recently announced, I suspect will add MAJOR fuel to the Market Cap,in addition to ALL the POSITIVE NEWS that are coming Off late.If this happens, This would be a MAJOR POSITIVE step and infact would be a Welcome step, in lifting the Facevalue of the company.

    At the end of the day, BCG can boast in front of the Markets and Major Tabloids about Acquisition rather than Closure of Old lethargic pending stuff which lingered for ages and of no Materialistic Value.

    Whether the Management does this from PW funds or LOC funds or PA funds or Funds from NPs, it dosent matter.

    But, Certainly a way to look forward.


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    Hey Anirudh & My dear BCGians

    It’s certainly a big sigh of relief for BCG and all of us retail investors, for having gotten the approval from the exchanges without major hurdles.

    For BCG, it might might have been important for two reasons. A. The Needys needs has been given a tick mark. B. The management has given a very good positive Spin on the usage of the funds fro the PW, in the form of acquisitions.This is good both for fundamentals of the company, value addition, inorganic growth and hopeful reflection on the revenues expansion.

    From our Retail investors perspective, I once again visualise this as good positive. First and foremost reason- unless the Needys needs are satisfied, the M cap appreciation usually never happen. We saw a lot of outcry against the PW allotment and I was hoping that this has to happen without any hurdles for the better good.But, thankfully,this has materialised and the biggest hurdle check point has been crossed.

    The stock price was planned and pegged at various time intervals to suit various needs.Strictly kept at Rs 3 zone for PE investors exit. Rs 5 zone after oak exit for 3 months time, to get the PW price at bare minimum. Further to this the price was maintained at the offer price range for the next 3 months.This reveals that, the people behind this have some Iron clasp control at maintaining the price where they want it to be.

    The whole and blatant and obvious idea behind the PW is for the needy to increase the holding. This gives all of us directions, regarding the strength and belief the needy upholds on the future of the M cap of our BCG.Although this is equity dilution, in a strict sense, may not be the case, as, based on the calculated presumptions, it’s going into a locker of the needy for atleast a while.

    Why are we invested in BCG. Obviously, every one wants to make money. Needy is no exception to this aswell and the whole idea of PW is to cater this. Based on this simple maths, having had the basis covered in the form of filling the future elixir upto the brim, the Needys obvious plan should be to make the elixir mature for self and retailers benefit and also uplifting the face value of our BCG.

    Traditionally speaking, I have seen many companies doing a Run after the allotment of PW.After approvals from exchanges, there is a vacant slot of 15days time, wherein 25% of PW funds has to be paid and allotment has to be made. If this is not done, the whole process becomes futile.

    In my previous post I posted the graph of the past two years performance of the stock. Typically there was a spike noted from Financial year beginning. This time also, as expected, the news regarding the approval was announced on the last day of Financial year.

    This places BCG in a very very good position,fundamentally for a hopeful upmove anytime between now and allotment.As PW approval has come through, there is nothing impeding for the price to be kept at lower levels.

    Now regarding the actual M cap appreciation, this can happen organically, depending on the demand and supply . But, in our BCG, as it is still in penny price, it’s subjective to both bull and bear cartels power games. Having gotten the PW approval, the needy will get converted to bull cartel from maintainace cartel. With 34 Cr shares the Bull cartel becomes pretty much and way too stronger bull.The bear cartels ,I suspect, will become weaker relatively.Either the bears will be absorbed completely or threatened by the bull and will go on a submission mode.

    This I suspect will be happening anytime from now onwards between approval and allotment. If organically , a big retail participation( us buying) happens, we can expect the upmove imminently. Provided, there isn’t much retailer participation and if the bears are slightly more stronger,the needy would be waging a war against the bears and make them lose Thier quantity or put so much pressure that, they bears will go onto submissive mode or the bears may become bull aswell.


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    My Dear BCGians

    If I recall from one of the conference calls way back from the year 2017, the promoter stated that his main part of day to day job was to constantly be in touch and was liasing with the then 4 big share holders. If I remember correctly, the promoter stated that, all will be well and be taken care off and a decent exit will be given to the PE investors!

    Now, 4 years down the line, we all know what in reality has happened or infact was MADE TO HAPPEN to the so called LONG TERM Share holders….

    This in itselves shows the character and nature of the CEO of the company and the attitude and responsibility which the CEO shoulders and demonstrates!

    In the discussion that’s going on here are two issues. The discussions are getting muddled up between the Company and the CEO.

    The Company in itselves is good. It’s a good company and with good business.The profits are audited and the numbers are true. THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE

    The issue is the One Man Army. The nature, the character and the ATTITUDE and the GREEDY AND GREESY UGLY nature of the One Man Army.

    So, kindly do not muddle up between the numbers of the company and shoot oneselves into one’s own foot. My advice if you ask me is to TARGET the person, who is playing up with this, rather.

    I have written on many number of occasions, talking or having discussions with the one man will army, will not change anything.6 years, we have all seen.

    The number of investors who have privately met the one man army over the period of years,I AM SURE, will give laudable certificate of the man – the one with the TWISTED TONGUE,who spells Lies, Nothing but Lies.Infact, I had an opportunity to meet up with this man way back in the year 2017, alongside of one another investor from Mumbai. The other investor pulled out then and there after the meet and I’m here writing paragraphs!

    I reassure you,if you are thinking that, you can set up meeting, towards , knowing anything.., from.this OMEA(one man evil army),it’ll be an absolute waste of time. This OMEA,will SWEET TALK you and will assure you with full load and shit load of reassurances and promises, only to beat the STOCK the NEXT DAY,after you meet up with a smirky smile on his face.

    So, my advice to you my friends is- do not shoot up the company- as the company or its earnings is not at fault.. Its the evil OMEA, who is the cause of all the core issues and if you can do anything , kindly do the same.

    I shall be in touch with Anirudh , past March this year,if the reversal dosent happen, good once and for all, to hand over all my research details with evidence, which will be more than be sufficient to BRING THE OMEA DOWN.


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    Many Thanks for asking me an opinion.

    I completly agree with you and majority of the members of the forum and there is Blatant Manipulation going on.

    WE have collected as much vital evidence we need to and if need be to bring this management down.

    Having said that, The management has revealed some signs of progress in the pending job, which is a good news. But, thats NO EXCUSE to RIG the stock down.

    Herewith I am attaching the JPEG of the Rally that has happened in the last two years. If you look into the patterns, Every year these guys pegged year end of March or Begining of April for thier rally to begin. It might be thier Finances situation or BENPOS Manipulation to set the record straight before the Financial Year end.

    There is NO meaning having any Kind of sensible conversation with the management as NOTHING TRUE will be coming out and all will be decorated Blatant lies, especially to SUIT the management NEEDS.The pattern is Create an artificial problem or an issue and Peg the same to the M cap suppression and blame the same on the market.

    Anirudh.., I have given myself some time untill the end of this financial year, which is almost a week in front.If the true rally dosent start, I shall reach out to you.I do have your email contact ID to do the needful.

    Hope this helps

    Many Thanks


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    @Anirudhreddy #11326

    Many Thanks for asking my opinion

    Lets split the discussion on two specific aspects.

    Business Front

    I am sure We all as share holders would agree to Congratulate the management on this news.This is the First time the management has come out after a long period of time with a PROSPECTIVE news, that too openly in a recognised Indian News media.I hardly remember in the last 5 years , the management has ever come out from the inbuilt coccoon they were in.

    Adtech is a very competitive environment and the dynamics are changing every day. The CEO on many occasions mentioned that, One has to be be in line – rather, ahead in line to be in this market.Adtech sector has advanced leaps and bounds and TTD is infact trying to challeng the biggest ever competitor Google.If we are not going to be future tech or innovative then we will loose out in the game.

    Technology has made our life so comfortable that we hardly have to type and rather give Voice commands to Alexa, Siri, Roku and other Mobile phones devices for search commands.At this sweet juncture, where technology is advancing in this field, It is indeed heart warming to note that we are on top of it and are looking forward for acquisitions etc.

    The word acquisition was and has been forgotten in BCG Dictionary for long period of time, say approximatly 10 years or so.It is indeed Heart warming and rather welcoming to see these kind of words uttered by the management.The reality of these acquisitions to happen and that to be converted accordingly to revenues will take its own sweet time.

    Also, it is heart warming to note that, immediatly after becoming a The Debt Free company, Our BCG is giving Forward looking statements and once again is a welcome move.

    Usage of Warrants and Allotment funds:

    Rather than using the funds that are coming from the equity dilution, to just clear off Legacy debts and loans, It is indeed nice to note that these funds are properly utilised for the betterment of the company which once again I see as very positive news.The clarity of vision, Futuristic thinking and Inorganic growth were the Combustion engines of the THEN YBRANT of the years 2010 till 2013.

    With the Dark Clouds getting clear,I subtly sniff the good old smell of Ybrant days – based on the Forward looking statements, given by the CEO of the company.

    At this Juncture, I Would rather welcome Logan, to share his thoughts and opinions, as he has exhibited significant knowledge in the field of Adtech in his writings here in the forum and I sincerely think it would be an invaluable opinion on this subject, which we all would love to hear.

    With closure of legacy issues and stuff, Forward looking plans of Acquisitions, I suspect and Forsee, the repetition of the Golden days of the then Ybrant on the ANVIL.


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    My Dear Logan

    Good Morning

    It rather truly intrigues and puzzles me to note the emotional side of yours , especially when you write about the CEO and the Nature of the CEO job and the difficulties faced by the CEO.I have never been a CEO of a company. I am unsure as to what other retailers perspective are in this regard.

    I am a Retail investor based in Mumbai and having been in the markets for the past 16 Odd years, I do know about the Markets – the Dark and the Grey side of it .

    You have mentioned two different aspects. One is the Business aspect of the company. The other is the Markets side of the company. We are not discussing here as to why the BCG Business has been a Laggard and stationary for the past 5 years. The Company has got a CEO and let us all leave the same to the appointed person to deal with it. I have complimented the CEO on multiple occasions for the same. I am not here to discuss about it and I have to admit I do not have the capabilities of it either. I personaly do not know what level of Validated capabilities you have regarding the same.

    However, We are discussing about the Pathetic nature of the Markets, which Me, you and Most others have vested interest in. Being in the markets having seen the Good, Bad and the Ugly side of it , both Myselves and Many of our Fellow Retailers do have a Good Knowledge of what is happening here. You have posted research about the other companies. Every Company of course will be having its own Dynamics.

    All we are interested and focussed here is on the Share Price of Brightcom, which has been a Laggard for the past 5 to 6 years, because of Wealth Erosion that has been caused for all of us( My Highest point of investment in BCG was when it was trading at Rs 52)

    a. The way in which the CEO of the company has treated its share holders for the past 5 years ( Kindly request the CEO to publish all the Conference call documents that has happened for the past 5 years and lets as analyse in retrospect, what promises the CEO has made in the past 5 years regarding the share price)

    b. The amount of Corporate Governance issues surrounding the company, because of the nature and attitude of the CEO

    c. The way in which the PE investors were treated and given exit to ( That shows the respect to the Share holders)

    d. The way in which – the walk the talk and False promises and fake Reassurances given CEO

    e. The way in which the CEO has diluted the company on Two different occasions within One year

    f. The way in which the share Price has been made of behave – for accommodating Multiple activities ( Exit of PE investors – Every single PE exit is a big story in itselves, for the allocation of extra Equities ie PA and PW)

    g. Multiple shady connections and associations with regards to the planned share price fall with some Big Mumbai and Kolkatta based wealth management companies and its close association with the MMB board- Please remember the famous quotation of Rs 2.25 to Rs 2.5 targets given by certain MMB boarders, when the stock was trading at Rs 38 Odd levels

    h. And Multiple other issues

    You have quoted some 4 points as being inaccurate. I am more than happy to go into my research and substantiate and validate what I have written with evidence. I do not want any Spat on the forum. But You have conveniently, neglected the remaining 96 points that I have stated which I suppose, you don’t have answer for it, I guess.

    I am here to call a Spade a Spade. I shall write my opinions and I would also want you to write your opinions. Opinions might differ.

    Neither YOU , NOR I are from within the company. I certainly am and I suspect you may be aswell, as I cannot write on behalf of yourselves.So, whatever we are writing here are our analysis based on multiple factors from the knowledge what we have secured.It is a Possibility that both of us can be correct or both of us can be wrring on the incorrect side aswell.I do not take anything personally. If I am not in agreement with your view point, I politly place my view point with due respect. There is No need getting Emotional about it stating accusation etc. Beleive me, I am least interested in any spat and My main interest is to make money and having waited for 6 years and seen what I have seen based on multiple conference call, hardly you are not my target, whatsoever…

    WE both are supportive of the company– I have noted that you have criticised the CEO of the company on a few occasions aswell. But, It is my personal observation that Your writings have a touch of bias towards Pro CEO and that is your opinion. My writings might be having a Touch of bias Pointing the CEO because of all the stock price suppression and letting down all the share holders

    Whatever we write here are opinions based on the Virtue of Knowledge and experience as Retail share holders with research . Both of us do not know as to what is happening at the CEO level or Board level . At the end of the day, Its MARKETS.

    Markets works BASED on Methodical Predictions followed by corrections based on Real time events, unless otherwise, It is Grossly influenced , as in the case of BCG.

    Having said that, Both our targets are One and the same. For me – it will be to Retrieve the the Money that I lost because of the big Fiasco and to CREATE WEALTH.


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    I agree with your concept of what you have written “To get that extremely positive sentiment, in my opinion, many developments have to happen, like, BCG should get the LOC, the business must grow and should have very high growth rates”

    With PW and other Material legacy issue closures and stuff, I would imagine the Market cap will regain its lost glory and would trade at decent PE.

    With LOC, followed by both Organic and Inorganic growth, and increasing Net profits– with excellent PR activity and Good Corporate Governance and No meddling with Markets high Tanla like growth is possible and acheivable.

    The CEO needs to look at the Positive examples of AFFLE and Good companies here.On many occasions when the retailers Questioned about Affle strategy and growth, the CEO ignored it stating Its a New Company and its a IPO and time will tell the difference. AFFLE has stood high.

    The CEO has to look into bringing in Valuable Investors like the GMS and other biggies who got into AFFLE. Our CEO, unfortunatly, after the March 2020 so called Investor meet, hasnt done any home work.

    The CEO brought in 2 of the worst Culprit investors during the penultimate PE investor exit.

    The CEO made such a Big Mess on the Oak investor exit.

    The CEO has brought 50 odd unknown – TRADING ENTITIES for PW!!!!!!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY, the pathetic state.

    Thats not the way, If One is looking forward to Grow.

    Look high, Aim high, Dont take short cuts, Never Take things for Granted, Never Take Corporate Governance for Granted, treat all investors- Both Retail and PE with respect.

    So far- The CEO- If needs to be Rated, will get a UGLY SUB ZERO RATING in this field.Because- The CEO has been working around CARING for HIMSELVES and never gave a Damn about the investors. Thats a Pathetic attitude, as a Listed entity.

    The advantages of being LISTED is too many.But, If the CEO has taken the pathway of going PUBLIC- the CEO should have learnt how to respect the public. You cant just have the Cake and Eat it. One needs to give due respect and develop confidence with the retail participants with ALL Honesty.

    Long way to go!!!!! Not for the Stock to grow….. But for the CEO TO CHANGE…..unfortunatly!!!


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    Diana Horton
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    But , I concur with your opinion about your last paragraph you have written, for different reasons.

    You have stated “I don’t think the company will buyback shares in the near future and I don’t think it’ll pay very high dividend because, right now, growth of the business is more important.”

    Reason being

    1. Just now the Company has issued so many warrants and diluted the equity for the needies personal needs…So, it dosent add up, in a different angle

    2. The company in itselves hasnt paid the pending Peanut dividends to many retail investors, so far… It will be laughable to expect very high dividends.So, once again,it dosent add up,but from a diffrent angle and perspective…


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    I find this really puzzling as how, how, 100 different explanations can be given for keeping the price suppressed!

    Markets, MI, Traders etc etc etc!

    Ofcourse, everyone can have Thier own version and all opinion matters.

    In the process of giving multiple explanations to the obvious, it is my view point that the unfortunate real truth cannot be masked- nor the needies activities and involvement be kept under the rug.

    The ugly truth is unfortunatly so blatant and obvious and hence, it is better not to glorify things that are not true as a true cause of suppression.

    @Logan…..Pardon Me…..I’m sure NO ONE has got it wrong here.

    I honestly beleive and I’m sure all our Retail participants are clever and not that naive not to understand or decipher or see things through as to what’s happening and what for this is happening….

    If we take a voting of all the members in the forum asking what is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT factor , I’m sure there will be atleast 90% vote that will casted stating, it’s the Combination of the Needy alongside of the Needys Operator who have Rigged and infact Rigging and suppressing the price to satisfy the needs as the ONLY cause of price not allowed to go up and rather kept at BRACKET price.

    So let’s not try too hard, to conceal the real fact and the real hardcore ugly and pitiful truth, by givng some glorified explanations to safe guard the culprits.

    In my opinion, it appears lame. Ofcourse, I might be wrong here.. But, as I said, Opinion Matters…

    Just because many investors and retail participants are not voicing or writing here, dosent mean, they don’t know the truth. All are aware of the game which the needy is playing as per needs. Retail participants are courteous and are giving time to the needy to sort out the pending PW.

    I’m sure majority of the retail participants will agree with what I have written.

    …………… DH

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    @rathi #11202

    Many Thanks for your post.

    Real markets movements are a reflection Material Development.

    In addition, Markets always React with future Anticipation and corrects when reality strikes.

    BCG is a counter, because of personal needs of the NEEDY and act of suppression has never been allowed to React in anticipation nor has it been allowed to React to real and Actual Material Development- SO FAR.

    Let me ask a Honest Question.Let One Retailer Raise his Hand here, who would want to sell the stock on the day of the Big news( Ofcourse this happens when the stock trades at PAR PE or more).Infact Many retailer would be inspired to add more in the counter considering the material development.

    In such a scenario, in a NON Meddled, Non Suppressed Environment, One would expect, the market( we the bullish Investors) to react positively, unless it is clearly suppressed and TOMORROW IS AN ACID TEST.

    If suppression is going to be the scenario tomorrow besides the big news- RATHER UNFORTUNATLY, which you seem to have anticipated and primed and wonderfully quoted unpopular personal opinion- and are perfectly entitled to, Then as I have stated before, it will also be our opinion- confirming your view point of the ACT OF SUPPRESION, for which there is NO OTHER reason except for the NEEDY to keep it suppressed and I regretfully state that appropriate actions will be taken where the NEEDY CROWD WILL be MADE to be EXPOSED.

    Clearly, No One here likes the Stock to be suppressed and I am sure 100% hate it, as retail participants.

    If that is going to be the case unfortunaltly, at the end of tomorrows trading session, we shall start discussing the controversial SHP tomorrow , regretfully, as this has been going as a HOT topic, at this point of time and I have kept myself quite, so far, respecting the decorum and giving breathing space for the management to finish the job.Lets hope that it dosent come to it.

    I never hesitated to Compliment the management when targets are achieved and not have hesitated to Call a SPADE a SPADE, when it goes the other way.

    So, my humble request to whomsoever concerned is stop the ACT of SUPPRESSION and let the real market thrive.

    All it needs is- Just take the pressurised Lid Off and the stock will reach its eventual destiny and will reach its appropriate PE as needed.

    Wishing All the Reatilers an Unsuppressed Trading day in Green tomorrow, with the blessings of the management.


    in reply to: General Discussion #11198
    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    To BCG Management

    Many Thanks on behalf of all BCG Retail investors to have sucessfully paid and completed the long standing and pending Legacy Axis Loan payment.

    CONGRATULATIONS on Obtaining the DEBT FREE STATUS, through hard work.

    Respect and appreciation for the Management on adhering to the Walk the Talk as per the Road map – A good act of Corporate Governance.

    Thanks indeed for the Notification at this late night hour which we Investors respect the good deed act.

    This is a BIG Moment for the Company and celebratory Moment for the Markets and we expect Price Action to and SHOULD go Hand in Hand in accordance and concurrance.


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    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    My Dear BCGians

    The discussion was never about Moral or ethical connundrum of posting a Publicaly available document in a Public forum. Lets not go into those topics.

    At the same time, I would like to cast and Register here that the findings of the research and analysis is certainly a Can of worms and the tinned can has been sitting there for ages- Not only in the said sub section, but in Multiple subsections, which One can write Volumes about.

    As I have stated on Multiple occasions, I am passionate about BCG, but not happy with the Management who are sitting at the Zenith of Corporate Governance issues and have Cross the borders on way too multiple occasions with a Take it for Granted attitude.We have Validated Hard Core evidence including the ones that has been discussed in the current context.Interpreters need to interpret alongside all the conference calls offered and stated by the management.Sorry for being cryptic.

    No offence, am also, Giving a lot of Credit to the Management who has sailed the rocky boat during the times of Rough waters and considering the imminent future developments that I hope are bound to happen, I always have maintained the sanctity and also maintained the decorum not to expose any of the can of the worms.

    At the same time, looking at the investors perspective,it certainly has been way too extremly Rocky for the LOng term investors, who were time and time again been let down by the false Promises and Core Corrupt cororate Governance activity of the management leading on to wealth erosion that happened over the period of years and apathy and Mental Angst of the investors secondary to the Mis informations and let downs, knowingly by the Management.

    Even at this juncture, After the ultimate personal and greedy targets of the Needy in the form of warrants are met, which we all suspect is imminent, If the dirty stock market manipulation games are still played, I have to say that, after discussing with all the sane investors here, will be put in a compulsory position to reveal the unwanted, in the best interest of our Retailer community.

    Tomorrow being the Court hearing, as mentioned earlier, I suspect, the Final payments should have been paid last week or at the very least by today and hopeful that – On the books we are No Debt company.

    Let the management Make it an official announcement once debt is cleared by starting Good Corporate Governance and correspondence with investor community rather than we all hearing from the Court of law tomorrow.

    Lets wait to see a Good change in attitude of the management from Now onwards in Good Corporate Governance, Walk the Talk, Refrain from False and Misguiding Information and maintain the timelines


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    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder


    The answer to your question lies in the detailed SHP available in the MCA which states about the individual % holding of various entities, of the previous years.

    The promoter group holding has always been mentioned as 39% as noted in the SHp which the company releases to the general public and fooling them all.

    But, if you can get hold of the detailed SHP noted in the MCA, you will come to know what the reality is.

    All the can of worms, can be buried, if the needy is reading this and acts accordingly with closure of the axis coming week, which they have pegged.

    If this is not the case, we can bring all this publicly here to expose the years of dirt garnered and let know the boards and exchanges of how the SHP game has been played all these years


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    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    @nitin # 11167

    The vultures have been eyeing and pegged every thing on this mammoth personal stake based on the PW.

    The vultures need to make profit and in that process, will become angels as the market cap appreciation happen.

    34 Cr, at less than 1 Pe, with a much much discounted price( not to take into account of the multiple other investments done- not accounted for and kept under the rug) is a big big stake.

    Ofcourse, as like affle , in future with growing NP and at high pe, if some minimal dilution happens, it will not be major issue and might be considered as a welcome move.

    Rather, it might be more prudent to list in some other exchange, with a IPO, there by part liquidation will make more sense, there by garnering as much liquidity for the betterment of the company.


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    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    @anirudh #11166

    Your post of 11166 needs to be Framed in Gold.

    At this crucial Juncture, Want to say a few things.

    As mentioned in my multiple posts in the recent past, I have garnered a lot of Hard core evidence by contacting Multiple Vital Sources.

    I also have been given a named source of an Very Important Insider, who has been dealing with all the DIRTY DEEDS to the main man himselves and we have crucial information as to how the biggest share holder name(just names-remember) were made to disappear, just like that and how the biggest, darkest and the Dirtiest Trick was and has been played.

    @Anirudh.. The Axis bank case is supposedly coming out of the woods and the court hearing is on Tuesday. If that is going to be the case, I suspect, the payments should have been made the week gone or can happen on Monday or early Morning Tuesday, not sure, as to what exactly the payment plan was and has been agreed upon.

    Axis bank court case was TAGGED and Pegged by the management and thoughts were insinuated and was Conviniently blamed on the so called MARKETS and was Preached by many, by means,with an ultimate aim to get the Warrants at the price they wanted.

    The next coming two days are going to be Vital, wherin, with the closure of the Axis bank debt, which was dramatised so much by the management. I wont be surprised to see the PW approval comes immediatly after the closue of the Axis bank issue and thereby the acting as an impetus purely, in the name of CLOSURE of Legacy stuff- like the 10th day of the Navratry festival where Ravana will be killed and Joy noted everywhere in the form of rally begining.

    If this is not going to be the case and if either of the two is going to happen

    a. Axis bank pending stuff Not closed, as promised by the CEO or

    b. If the Market cap appreciation dosent begin after the closure of the Legacy issue

    I look forward waging the war against the management,having collected all the crucial and vital information,besides after having waited for 6 years.

    Will seek support of all the retailer friends who are here from long time, especially after having given time for 6 years, to expose – of the atrocious activities purely for personal gain of the Needy.


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    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    Dear BCGians

    I wrote a Response BLOG #11147 I was discussing about the Alleged cause of NO Growth Demonstrated by the company, that has been SHOW CASED.

    We discuseed the following

    “Responding to # 11146

    The Biggest Advantage of being a Public Listed company is all the Luxury of taking advantages of QIPs, Warrants, Pref Allotments and all other modalities of Revenue Generation mechanisms and utilising the same at the Best interest of the company.

    In BCG situation, The Management acted in thier Own interest wherin, STUPIDLY, Allotted both the Pref Allotment and Warrants at a MEANINGLESS and ATTROCIOUS price in single digit.

    The Company UNDERVALUING itselves for the MEAN and GREEDY sake of getting warrants at PENNY levels… Pityful PENNY levels!!!

    ULITIMATE IDIOCY and Greediness to the core”

    Its a Vast difference between say approximatly Rs 250 Crs (at pathetic Rs7.7) to Rs 2500 Crs Generation (Book Value PW, if allotted) from the PW allotment.

    Todays News by One of our Regional Competitor.. AFFLE:- They have come out with a COMBO of QIP and Preferrred at the PE what they are trading and are RAISING MAMMOTH 1080 Crs. On the contrary, here the Management has been PATHETICALLY Diluted thier holding by more than 50% at a MORONOUSLY peanut price of 7.7!!!!!

    And we are discussing the topics and giving explanations to-

    a. what was the cause of Stock Falling down

    b. Why there has been No Increase in NPs in the company etc etc etc.

    In my Multi Year Observations , alongside of so called Mini factors that has happened constitutionally, The

    ONE BIG MEAN PATHETIC GAME played by the Management, thereby

    a. Destroying their own reputation by Nasty Corporate Governance games
    b. Beating thier OWN share price to meagre levels
    c. Not letting thier own NPs to grow up

    All for ONE and ONE Mean SELFISH Reason-

    Increase thier SHARE HOLDING to Maximum at the cost of Dis respect to all Share Holders and PE Investors

    Modern Day- DAY light LOOT and Robbery……

    Fence eating its own CROPS


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