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    Diana Horton
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    Does the Market doesn’t believe the numbers??????!!!!!!

    Tell me One person in this forum who wants to state that They don’t believe the numbers!!!!!!

    Point me , ONE SOUL in the forum or in the market, who DOSENT WANT the stock price to go ahead!!!

    Its difficult for me to Understand the maths!!! Now, This year alone, so called 20 Thousand- TWENTY THOUSAND … New Investors have taken position!!!! If twenty Thousand so called New Investors have taken position, What should have happened to the stock price??!!
    Its Not alone the new 20, Thousand New Investors- It is also the ALL OLD and Long Term share holders have increased their stake!!!!

    And it Puzzles me as to – How come the CONTRA of

    1. Increasing Retail participation and share price moving down

    2. The so called Markets Not Believing the numbers , Yet the share holder population going up??!!!!

    Well, You all Know the answer. We don’t need any clever explanation. Let me explain it in my Next post

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    Who has been the best Beneficiary in this Whole Drama and SAGA of Price Manipulation and HAMMER AND SUPPRESSION?

    As I asked earlier, Name me ONE retailer- JUST ONE retailer, who dosent want the price to go up.

    I have been hearing the CRY, The CRY of all the retailer, who have been shouting in their High Pitch voice- shrieking- stop the Manipulation.

    So, Is it the Retalier(So called Market) hammering the price down? So, Is it the Markets who dosent believe the numbers??!!

    This has been preached by the needy to try and Fool the Investor community. Many a time there has been preaching about, Markets has not Understood the AdTech Sector!!!! What a Farse Explanation!!! Look at where they are trading!!!

    Besides, The Preaching was, Indian Markets dosent know about Adtech Sector!!! Its a Joke. Look at the Two other Scripts that are listed in the Indian Stock Exchange.

    India is not immune to world Knowledge and to bad mouth Indian Investors haven’t realised the value of Adtech sector makes me Laugh. The world watches all the big stocks. The Markets Know about TTD.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    So, Who is the So Called Market (PURELY for BCG)

    If One wants to Buy- Will One Buy at High Level or Lower Level?

    Now, Lets Look at the History of Stock Price Manipulation that has been happening in the counter.

    For the past 5 years, the stock price has been under control by the Needy.

    Now, the Rumours in the Market( he he- markets), is that, the warrants that are issued in the name of so called 50 ODD unknown entities, are indirectly going to the Management and allies.

    If the Hyd Investors going to meet up the Management( Kindly get it in Writing from the management that, The Management is No culprit here and at NO POINT OF TIME, they by crook or shook, will get the entities under thier custody and suddenly, these entities, will become the property of the Management.

    Also, I wrote in the past- WHERE DID these so called 50 entities come from? What Research they did to go for warrants? What Insider Information they had to go for 30 Crore shares!!!!How did these entities (all 50) all of sudden contact the Management??!!(Hyderbad Investors- If you are going to meet- please do ask the Management.

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    So @Diana Horton, what rationale can you provide for the stock price being where it is? Really keen to get your perspective as I have followed your posts carefully and diligently in earlier days.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    Can the Retailers MOVE the stock???? The answer is a clear cut NO.

    So, who can move the stock? Its either the Market Maker or the HAND who feeds the Market maker.

    So- Eventually- Who is the Market in BCG?! Its the Market Maker who controls the price and the Hand who Feeds the Market Maker to keep the PRICE at appropriate Price for their needs.

    So- Who needed the price Lower for Preferential allotment, For Oak sale and Currently Warrants? Yes … We all Know the answer. He is the who- the HAND- who Feeds the Market Maker.

    Sell Few shares – Say 10 laks or 20 Lakhs or even a Crore or even 5 crore shares in the market, to keep the price suppressed.


    Because, The Big Bonanaza of 34 Crore WARRANTS are at the anvil. To Loose few shares is not bad, considering the Big Big Warrants that are announced, making the retailers pay the ultimate price of Pain and misery and sorrow.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    @odysee…Thanks for 10482 Q

    I can dissect every years Crest and Trough ( Which I have already done), that has been orchestrated and scripted by the Expert hands who has got Iron hand control.

    There is clear cut explanation of each Crest and each Trough and how it Benifitted the Needy Hand.

    Lets take 2020 as an example for analysis

    Last year alone there were, Three Major events that were there.

    1. Preferential Allotment
    2. Oak Exit
    3. Warrants Issue.

    I can Write a Big Thesis on this as to How the Price Manipulation benifitted the Needy Hand.

    I have been collecting all the evidence from Multiple sources. The Multiple sources have requested me, Not to name them as somehow, they are in connection to the hand thats nedy, But Obviously Significantly Frustrated because of the Flawed Tongue and the so called Pathological Liar kind of attitude of the Needy hand.

    For those reasons, I am not writing everything in Open Public,.REcently, One Big Management Group was Banned from EQUITY MARKETS because of activities meddling with equity Markets.

    I also want the Company to do well.

    In the Best Interest of all concerned, I shall let out only the Topics, Only the topics of discussion out and not the WILD content which is Filthy and Yucky. Its like the Fence eating the crops This is the strongest sentence which I can use a simuli, considering BCG

    Registered Boarder

    Than it would stand to reason @Diana Horton, that once the warrant approval comes through, and they are subsequently issued, there is nothing to hold back the BCG stock price. And we can then see a sustained rise in the stock price as there would be no market maker or hand feeding that market maker as the objective would have been realised. Would that be a realistic assumption?

    Registered Boarder

    @Diana Horton , now the hand who feeds had almost got what is wants to since long. So, what do you think now.. what could be theirs new move ..are they done now and will leave share price to react as per shareholders desire(i mean like normal shares which inc/dec as per results etc. i.e no manipulation) or still they have another game in mind??

    Registered Boarder

    @odysee and @diana .. can he play another game and ditch these all these 59 entities and muskaan specially as well in next phase as it already did with old investors like oak, gonekas etc.?? kisi ka ni hua ye to inka(59 new warrant allote ) hoga ye??

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder


    The Fence that eats the crops , always has ulterior motives.

    My question to both of you is

    The terms and Conditions that are needed for warrants approval are Pre Warrant approval and NOt Post Warrant approval by the Voting of the retailer and the Board of Directors.The share price dosent need to be kept low after it has been sent to exchanges for approval.

    But, You have all seen, as to what has happened to the stock price when it reached 9.8. a -100* centigrade Cold water was showerd upon the rally in the name of the Friends of the Hand, The Infamous trader, who buys and sells it on the same day( thats Infact a big discussion topic- A thesis Book can be written on that subject)

    The Needy Dirty Hand always has needs. If some other announcement comes out all of sudden like warrants which came out all of a sudden that , in retrospect, we will be able to think and associate- Ahhhhhh… This is why the Needy kept the price at these levels!!!!

    The Needy, The Pathological Liar, The Hand – Always has Needs with insatiable appetite.

    You might be all surprised, what the Needy might Need……

    Registered Boarder

    As exhaustion sets in, I would dare to speculate that the end game is very close, and in the event of the warrants approval coming through, some sense of buoyancy will filter through to the markets too, and the process of easing of the stress and frustration will commence at a welcome pace. This can be the only obvious conclusion arising from @Diana Horton’s comments in the above posts.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    @jay69… Thanks for your post.

    You have written “If the management clear all the old cobwebs and improve their corporate governance issues without wasting further time (the main reason for the stock still remaining a penny stock)”

    My View having been in the script for more than 6 years is :

    It is Totaly the Other way Around…

    The Stock has been Voluntarily Kept as a Penny Stock and The Fence that eats its own crops has used

    1. The Old cob webs ( STALE ones) and

    2. Pathological attitude of Doing Dirty Corporate Governanace tricks ( For example- Not paying Dividends, I can quote 100s of such example and I am sure 99% of Retailers will agree with me on this )

    to meet the Needs.

    Its a Sad state of affairs!


    Registered Boarder

    Dear @DH and @Logan, thanks for sharing your extensive insights on BCG. Appreciate if you could clarify the following;
    1. The BCG price levels have been kept between 4.9 – 5.25 for almost more than 3 months & the conclusion was introduction of PW @Rs7.7 level.
    2. Currently the price is controlled between 6.9 – 7.25 for almost more than a month (went to 9.8 and back to 7) by the so called ??? and what could be the outcome of this exercise?
    3. Is it posible for the promoter to hide or not to disclose the positive development on the outstanding issues at this point in time to fulfill their pending quantities (let’s assume that it has already happened such as approval of LOC or Axis closure etc) and also not to release the dividend on time on purpose to create panic / frustrations amongst the retailers?
    4. Really the management is lacking in Corporate Governance (not giving proper information to the shareholders for the purpose of issuance of PW / inappropriate replies to the individuals for their complaints through Phone calls/private messages etc) or they are pretending like this on purpose to take control on the holdings through proxies?
    Looking forward to hear from you both and other experts. Thank you.

    Registered Boarder

    Thank you @Logan for the recap posts.
    The tone, tenor, content and consistency were pretty much in those earlier posts. And did provide a stable platform of reassurance for many of the longer term investors on the forum.
    I trust that the very recent expressions of some angst and frustration by well respected forum members will be short lived, and the debates, discussions and exchanges can resume in a mutually productive manner.
    Grateful, as always, for your inputs.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    @drjaysee Many Thanks for your question. Hash Tag 10499

    You have asked so many Vital questions.

    I shall Try and answer every question in due course of time.

    As a starter, specifically, Coming to the 3rd Question,

    “3. Is it posible for the promoter to hide or not to disclose the positive development on the outstanding issues at this point in time to fulfill their pending quantities (let’s assume that it has already happened such as approval of LOC or Axis closure etc) and also not to release the dividend on time on purpose to create panic / frustrations amongst the retailers?”

    I shall try and reply.

    The chairman of BCG have always stated that BCG the parent dosent have any Funds to pay Off Axis Loan. This allegedly is a Pending Issue and so called issue has been quoted as one of the issues for keeping the Share price under control by the needy.The Rich Global Conglomerate who earns 400 Crore Net profit dosent have any funds to pay Off the Axis Bank Loan!!!

    The Funny stuff is, I have seen Loads and Loads of explanation been casted to validate the situation, as to parent BCG is Real Poor and attributed as “Cash Flow Issues”!!! …

    My simple question to all my AAm AAdmi Retail Investor community is- What is Most important for the Parent Company?Tarnishing its Own Image by getting into Near NCLT and all those Nonsense??!! Any sensible but for the Fence eating its Own Crop person can do this -purely from SELFISH perspective… Purely by creating a Global drama of a well secured BCG , Compartmentalised, into water Tight Subsidiaries and a Holding parent which can take the blame, as a Poor parent, To play the books according to certain peoples own convinience.- Pathetic and so Unfortunate…

    Coming to the LOC, which the management has been giving time line after timeline and has been postponing the the so called 99.9% Well casted Drama!!!!

    I shall place an evidence regarding when LOC might have been obtained ,which was circulating in a few social Media Groups some 6 months ago, in this particular context.

    I have been trying to find the source of it for a while, but have to admit it been futile, so far.

    All the information that has come out of the Company has been via a One Mouth Peice only. We all know How that Mouth piece has been utilising and places information as per own convinience, rather than the Benefit of the share holders of the company.

    This is an Alleged Testimonial given by three important people who are closely linked to the Global Conglomerate Brightcom Group.The then Hot topic of discussions in the Social Media groups were, Will any one give a TESTIMONIAL to any company even before the Job is done????

    For example, You enter into a Contract with a Service Provider.When will you become a Happy Customer? After the product is delivered to your proper satisfaction , Correct?

    Will anyone give a Testimonial, that too by Gloriously,even before the Job is well delivered?

    I shall Leave the Question and Answer with you and shall ask the same to all our dear BCG RETAILER PUBLIC….


    Registered Boarder

    Diana, Please comment on how the drama is going to end as per your observation on similar fraudulent promoters. Every fraud is different from other is well known. Still there should be some end. I am also an agitated investor of 7 years.

    Registered Boarder

    And whilst we wait for your considered response to @sobha’s query, would you (@Diana Horton) also kindly give your opinion as why any investor would want to stay invested in a company when he or she believes that the promoter is fraudulent?

    Registered Boarder

    Sorry-“as to why…”

    Registered Boarder

    Red #10508

    I have actually gone through the company website that is quoting these testimonials. But one couldn’t say for sure as to what kind of services were availed by BCG from them. Also, the LOC is debt financing and what that company is helping with is getting equity capital to grow business.

    I am not sure if we can deduce anything for sure based on the same.

    But I do agree with your view that Fund availability to Parent company should not have been a problem to close of Axis, As such they(Parent company) have been taking loans from their subsidiary (per the annual report) and nothing could have stopped them taking some more and pay off this debt.

    Topic Author

    I would request Logan and Diana to stop targeting each other and focus on sharing important information. You are free to write anything but keep in mind that we all maintain harmony. Certain elements would be looking for the unity among us to be divided. In this tough times it is important to stay united.

    We have seen questions been raised against Hyd representatives and yesterday with drjaysee. Common, we all know that how all these originated through discussions here and we should not forget that when we hear someone coming with new theories.

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