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    Sadly, Company has defaulted in repayment of anl loans of Axis. Hope they clear this off at the earliest.


    The biggest positive in the results is stand alone posted more than 17 I.E about 18 crore net profit this time. Consolidated also EPS improved y on y and Q on Q. Now let us see how stock price will behave on monday. It should start its upward journey from Monday onward along with the positive announcements already updated, unlike earlier times. The finance cost has almost came down to say negligible level in standalone as well as consolidated. In fact it is only the stand alone portion. We can say it became a debt free company. If daum out of court settlement and P.O. gets over, a good market perception should take shape along with the name of global auditor announcement.

    Diana Horton
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    StanDalone 17.3 NP PAT is V V V Good. Paves way for clearance of the Hurdles along the way.

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    No updates on axis bank loan..

    Half cooked response on Daum..non responsive Daum?!it sounded like no offline agreement in place.

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    The Highlights:
    • Q3 consolidated revenue of Rs. 859.52 Crores, up 1.14% Y-o-Y. • Q3 consolidated EBITDA of Rs. 240.59 Crores and PAT of Rs. 143.84
    Crores. • Q3 consolidated earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 3.02/-
    Revenue for Q3 FY2019-20 was Rs. 859.52 Crores, an increase of 1.14% Y-o-Y
    and an increase of 36,52% Q-o-Q. EBIDTA for Q3 FY2019-20 was Rs.240.59
    Crores, a increase of 23.25% Q- o-Q and an increase of 4.89% Y-o-Y. PAT for Q3
    FY2019-20 was Rs. 143.84 Crores, an increase of 4.00% Y-o-Y and an increase
    of 36.38% Q-O-Q.
    Revenue from Digital Marketing Segment for Q3 FY2019-20 was Rs.749.34
    Crores, an increase of 45.09% Q-o-Q and an increase of 1.13% Y-o-Y. Revenue
    from Software development Segment for Q3 FY2019-20 was Rs.110.17 Crores
    Corporate Update
    ✓ Corporate restructuring in the works to have 12 subsidiaries under a US
    entity to allow for better receivable financing alternatives at the
    consolidated level.
    ✓ Sent settlement agreement draft to Daum on the LYCOS acquisition
    dispute. Awaiting favorable response.
    ✓ Canara Bank loan NOC received and reflected in this quarter’s accounts.
    Business and Technology Update
    ✓ Launched a new version of our core platform called Compass 2.0.
    o Signature Optimization Algorithm to serve at the next level
    o Advanced Safety tool added -Protector
    o Improved Inventory tool added- Adaptor
    ✓ Featured amongst eDigital’s “Best 72 SSP for 2020” alongside AOL,
    AppNexus, Salesforce DMP and theTradeDesk.
    ✓ Our team attended the conference Programmatic I/O held in NY.

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    I do not think we get any clear update from SKR till Daum issue is closed. Latest update does not give a feeling of Daum issue getting closed. How long the drafts get exchanged? Is there an intention on the part of Daum to close? If so why do the drafts are not cleared way for signing final agreement?


    I must say Wow, SKR, you are really a Master of the ring here. Look at the timmings of confcall Feb 22nd no sooner or no later. Again a mere unintent coincidence on his intellects to hold the conf call for 7 days post results and on the PO losure date. How everything logically connects about our belief and responses we are waiting from him. Even he knows PO closure without much to be informed/kept at aside privy of information to shareholders whether we like updates or accept it or not the PO should not hang in due to this.

    Duam update in results is again no difference from last 4 to 5 months of same status quo that it is in drafts and draft of agreement sent for review. I completely reject such vague and open eneded disclosure and not at all certain on intent to close this before/after PO or confcall.

    Friends, with this just one update alone make it out we are not against him or doubting the progress not getting made, but with this futuristic and baseless claims is going on from past 8 to 9 months, did they took for a simple agreement to review and approve post they verbally have agreed.

    I strongly condemn such foolish stand from a promoter view point and not thinking about the edcuated and informed investors. Does he think only knowledgeable MFs and Analyst only read between the lines from his decisive updates all the times.

    Believe me if this have to be read by any MFs, DII, HNI, and a prospect investors its a big thumps down and will not even look at investing in this script.

    Rest all you decide what he can offer in conf call. m waiting and will wait untill you all have a common voice and sync with my opinion.

    Regards XO

    Harsha Y

    Next week price action to be closely followed, As window got closed to be seen promoter actions. Be Ready for conf call to get most of the answers.


    Yes platinum member, only difference this time is standalone NP.. hope this keep steady from hereon…market might be interested in this ..year on year and Q on Q this is a big jump…


    From last two years same story by Management, market knows everything in better mannered and every things get discounted no wonder share price is with in range of 2.50 to 6 from past many years they deserve this


    Normally, market take congnisance of any company’s standalone EPS in Indian shore, if u take example of most of the Indian IT companies. And the forward 12 month eps of our standalone at this rate would be 4×0.37= 1.48. Indian IT companies command 10 to 30 multiple. If we take a mean 15 multiple, the price can appreciate to 20 to 25 in few months time, even by forgetting the total subsidiaries whether foreign or Indian.
    Thus market definitely will start looking from Monday onwards,with additional safety of consolidated numbers becoming believable along with global audit report and off course daum agreement.Any opinion by others.


    XO at #5080, what exactly is your opinion? I understand some frustration being expressed, but is it an exit call, or a stay invested call or promoter bashing but to what end? The results are very decent, and the updates provided indicate a little more patience is required from us all. The conference call date for the 22nd appears logical as the preferential allotment results should be out then.


    How will standalone profit go so high in a single quarter. Are there any one time items. Can one with accounting knowledge explain the same.


    Yes logical speak #5055 I agree with you there are lot of positive indication s from the company of changing scenario

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    Two important steps that will enhance the trustability of the promoter is audit of accounts by a reputed auditor as well as declaration of a decent dividend… Can all of us, as a team, this year demand for a reasonably good dividend through con call as well as through mails and messages?


    Its not 2 important steps, In fact the only two important steps requited, Rest everything is in place. The moment these two steps implemented, Then rocket will get fired on all cylinders till it reaches the next orit. Cheers.

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    Reference #5126
    The reasons for the profit jump are due to the following (as given in the report).

    1. Total income Sep 19 is 11,408.08 … Dec 19 is 12,402.19
    2. Total expenses Sep 19 are 11,218.67 … Dec 19 are 10,671.99.
    3. Tax paid Sep 19 is 143.74 … Dec 19 is -20.2
    4. Hence, net profit Sep 19 is 45.67 … Dec 19 is 1,750.4
    5. EPS Sep 19 is 0.01 … Dec 19 is 0.37


    Good to see revenue in crease and expenditure decrease. Any idea why the tax paid is negative. Does this mean they have already paid more taxes in previous quarters and don’t need to pay now or planning to pay it all together in next quarter.


    It’s probably due to the corporate tax reduction ..this is happening with most companies this quarter ..so no great increase in profitability

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