Vikas LifeCare Ltd (FMCG & Retail/Plastic/PetroChemicals/Trading Sector)

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    Dear Friends: I am betting on the Garg Family via their business of Vikas LifeCare Limited (formerly Vikas MultiCorp). I expect this stock would give multifold returns in the foreseeable future. Business Acumen of the Family and the Sunrise Sectors they are in is what is making me feel the stock to be a potential multibagger. I am already invested for these reasons. Also, the stock is currently trading at 3 rupees (less to lose but much to gain).

    Please visit the Website for full details of the company.

    Complete Analysis by AceInk :

    Current Price: Vikas LifeCare : 3.35

    Accumulate on Every 25 Paisa Dip

    Reward: Minimum 10 times return in 2 Years’ time

    Recent News: The company would be Debt Free by July 31, 2021.

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    Vikas LifeCare at 150% high from the time of recommendation. If one wants to play safe, Book half which would be the capital, and the rest leave it for a minimum 3 years’ time.

    With a growth in Net Sales of 58.16%, the company declared Very Positive results in Dec 21. The company has declared positive results for the last 4 consecutive quarters. PAT(HY) At Rs 5.44 cr has Grown at 1,331.58. NET SALES(Q) Highest at Rs 106.74 cr. EPS(Q) Highest at Rs 0.03

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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