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    You are a good story teller. I like your story.
    I believe in and have seen many world class one product companies even in the industry where i worked.
    How long you think before market starts seeing
    all that you are seeing here in BCG.


    With BCG both the story and the figures match each other . They both should match for finding a great stock

    Market will recognize the story from the figures which it has displayed over the years, gone by , and it will recognize BCG to be a great investment opportunity , very very quickly .

    The disruptions in the story was caused by the Daum event which is now almost out of the way . Now the story will match the figures and the figures themselves will spiral upwards with the coming of big4 auditors and the growth the company is experiencing in all its geographies all round the world.


    Looking good. My thinking is the same that Daum
    litigation casuued the big fall.
    Which 5 new countries BCG has recently started
    its operations aprt from 17 before.


    The big picture described above ,one must absolutely see in order to have the confidence and conviction to invest in the company.


    Which 5 new countries BCG has recently started
    its operations aprt from 17 before.

    Faster 2b Fury

    The company shold come out with the details of all the foreign ofices and the during the presenting
    the quarterly and yearly results. Atleast during consolidation of Balance the big four auditor should mention about all the different countries these many subsidiaries are working.


    Good evening to the
    Management/ Managers of BCG.

    Through this post we as small investors would like to bring forth the felling running though the logical minds of each and everyone of us.

    And that basic thought which lingering through goes like this…..

    Why the Management does not come clean on disclosures and show the true might of the company to the world and make a mark for itself and earn respect of one and all and take their rightful place which they fully deserve.

    Why after doing all the right things for all these years for growing the business , they want to hide their achievements from the world and don’t want to take credit for all the good things they have done.

    Everyone in this world wants to hear good words for themselves while they are alive and long after they have leaft the world .

    And here despite having a opportunity to do well , why the management is shy to come forth to take credit and share the fruits of success with all the stake holders and earn their trust .

    This is not the way leaders act. They lead from the front and take care of one and all . Let alone the supporters they care for even their opponents.

    A true leader takes pride in success of each of his fellow supporter. He nurtures and helps each one with his able hands to succed in life and not take away their hard earned money and destroy their life.

    A success of a indian entity worldwide is a matter of pride not only for the stakeholders but for each indian who wants us indians to succeed and make a mark globally.

    This is not the way a highly qualified management with respected degrees from the premier Institute like the IIT behave . The govt of this poor country has subsidized the IIT education so that our bright children come out and earn good name for themselves and take our country forward. It is your duty to behave responsibly and act in the best interest of all not for only oneself.

    The Daum may have been a cause for the slowness .

    But this is high time the management shows their intent to settle all the outstanding which have been prolonged since years , and has caused more harm than good.

    The unnecessary delay is giving impression that management is deliberately beating about the bush on important issues and trying to loot the innocent investors.

    Now it is high time to settle all the outstanding issues thereby putting the company and its management in a good light.

    The managers should run a company displaying business ethics and run it cleanly and transparently where the news about the company flows to all the verticals and let each one participate in the success of a organization . The management should not act like thiefs who want to run away with all for themselves.

    Gone are the old ways of doing business by swindling away the profits unethically.There is no fun to earning money the wrong way.

    The best way to earn respect and wealth in markets is to let , each market participant , each small guy who have put their hard earned money into the company and stayed by it all these years through the turmoil , enjoy the fruits of their support they showed towards the company.

    A company becomes great not just because of the business performance alone but also because of the care it shows towards all the market participants of the company.

    Look at Infosys Wipro TCS who are market greats of our country. They are there, not only because of their business performance but also because of the word TRUST attached and written all over them. And look how these companies and their promoters are loved and respected by the markets and by the nation as whole.

    BCG is truly a great company when it comes to the business performance which it has displayed and the investments it is doing to secure its bright future. The only place it has been found wanting is the cleanliness of the management . When a management is that good to run and grow a company how come it is lagging behind in the integrity part.

    The managers may give any number of excuses for what has happened. What has happened has happened.

    Now the new beginning has to be made to truly call our little boy a great company not only in terms of its business but also in terms of its management integrity.

    This is the company’s chance to come clean and show their genuine concern towards their supporter and not back stab them and punish them for supporting the company . For if this is repeated all people in the management would go to their graves carrying a sense of guilt of having done a lot of wrong when they could have done so much right for themselves and for others.

    This write up is for the management to ponder upon what they should do and use this opportunity to build a good image of themselves and show their clean intent to each one through their actions and decisions and not merely in their talk which we the minority share holders are used to hear from them for years together.


    very well said.
    U R expressing comcerns of every small investor which is very well reflected in the stock price.
    “For if this is repeated all people in the management would go to their graves carrying a sense of guilt of having done a lot of wrong when they could have done so much right for themselves and for others.”
    not this time.
    Not in grave but in jail.

    It is a different country and a different governement and different values where investors are more aware of their rights and authorities won’t spare any effort to protect them and punish if any one has broken the law.
    BCG under the scanner of the top of the top authorrity MAN IN THE GOVERNEMENT OF INDIA for few months now.
    Authorities these days go through a fine tooth comb and have the power and the resources to do that all over the globe.
    Rest assured people will be made to count every penny and put it and show it where it belongs. Sooner it is done better for them and all the stake holders.
    Even if one is not a thief but behaves like one then market has the right to call them a thief.

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    So …this forum has also gone slow now. Looks like everyone is in wait and watch mode. Loaded and HOLD 🙂


    People are waiting for delivery/ execution on the promises.
    Lomg term holders will
    proly have a look at
    the price after the annual numbers in May 2020 and then 1 H numbers in Nov..
    In between lot of nosie….
    May be if one is looking to add or enter then one may kee an eye.
    Just my 2 cents.
    PS. If one has been waiting for 5 years… then just a bit more ….

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    It such a great feeling of holding such a stock which continuous hitting upper circuit. Hoping to see the continuous glory of bcg till the time it will not find out the true value in indian market…

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    Do Insiders Own Lots Of Shares In Brightcom Group Limited (NSE:BCG)?
    Check the below link

    Registered Boarder

    Share Price vs. Fair Value 98.5% Undervalued
    BCG (₹5.5) is trading below our estimate of fair value (₹365.48)

    click on
    View our latest analysis for Brightcom Group
    from the above link.


    Any idea wha tcriteria they have used to
    value it near 400.
    I think it can easily overshoot to 500 when the time is right.


    Check this out friends .Wall street Journal giving free NET cash flow of 1.71 rupee per share and free cash flow of 3.10 RUPEE for 6 months ending Sept 2019.

    Here is the link.

    Cash Flow Brightcom Group Ltd.
    Net Operating Cash Flow
    Sep 2019 5-quarter trend
    Capital Expenditures -1.53 B
    Free Cash Flow +816.49 M
    Cash Flow Per Share +3.10 –
    Free Cash Flow Per Share +1.71

    So we can certainly expect a very decent dividend also for current financial year.
    First review of holdings in May 2020 end and second review Nove 2020 end.What do you think?
    I tried to post link twice .It does not go through.

    BCG Hopes
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    Hi , could any one explain the Related Party Transactions disclosure numbers made by Brightcom in exchanges, and any inferences one could make from those numbers !!like Ybrant Media Acquisition has the number 576275217 against it !! What does it mean Ybrant Media Acquisition was formed just to close the DAUM issue without losing other assets right ???

    BCG Hopes
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    Also YMA has the number 1298477349 under ivestments made !! … Could some one please explain significance and meaning of these numbers for investors !!


    well general thinking is that other assetts were firewalled in a way.
    Hnece Daum could not touch them.
    My thinking in hind sight is that big fall in the stock price is because of this litigation and Daum issue.
    Once there is closure BCG can be expected to make decent moves towards ALL TIME HIGHS if not fair market price immediately.

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    IMO..BCG is fully operated by Matrix trader it seems and now depend upon him either to pump or dump looks like himself is a operator !! for instance see his previous id on money control mindspeaksnow I am surprise every stock he recomended multiplied by 10 times and was wondering the stocks followed currently by mindspeaksnow turned out to be 10 bagger .one can check below link and share opinion

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    Hi Charlie,

    I have approved your post since this one is interesting. Please do not come here with your usual stuffs which you are doing at MMB.


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