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    Anyone attending AGM? Anybody can attend or only shareholders can attend? Can you please share registration process details?

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      @rathi,is skr mentioned time frame for closing Axis and daum issues? becoz Axis case postponed to next hearing.
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    Hi All,

    Firstly, you guys are amazing. I have been recently researching about the company and this forum really helped me gain great insights about the business

    I have few Questions on financials of the company:

    Under Assets -> Other Assets, there are Loans & Advances of about 800 crores given by the company. The company tells that it is a prepayment to the publishers (according to company disclosures).

    When I combine this 800 crores with 1000 crores of trade receivables, it makes me really concerned about the company. Anybody has more insights on this 800 crore number and don’t you guys think, it is too much?

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    @manas18goel, it is a valid point, and has been raised by Logan and others in the past too.
    Mr Reddy had promised to provide information on the age of the receivables/ debtors at a conference call. And this is necessary on an ongoing basis, to be able to identify the flow and regularity of debts being cleared, in addition to have some inkling of the doubtful ones which would continue to remain outstanding for more that 180 or 360 days.
    The current overall receivables situation is around 124 days or thereabouts, but no age analysis is provided.
    A point for the AGM or the next conference call perhaps.
    It would also be interesting to have information on which advances get converted to actual business, and in what period of time. Otherwise the asset impairment figures can be of some concern where advances have been paid but do not result in revenue generated.
    @Logan is better informed in these matters and may like to add his views.

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    Long term loans and advances: Advances to collocation centres, service providers such as algorithm developers.

    Short term loans and advances: Advances to publishers, brand development in geographies, and new market development.

    Other current assets: Investments in products, databases, internal productivity tools.

    Loans and advances are given to publishers and receivables should be collected from the advertisers. The loans and advances are huge but that’s what BCG has to do to get good publishers, media space etc. If they don’t pay publishers on time then those publishers will go with other companies who will pay sooner. Also, sometimes you’ve to pay more in advance to get priority. The loans and advances are more but payables are less which shows that they don’t owe much to publishers which is a good sign but that impacts cash flows/liquidity. If you check TTD and Magnite Inc, both have huge payables and receivables (more than double the revenues). Since they are not paying like BCG does, they have more liquidity i.e. they’ll have more cash on hand which they can use for growth etc.

    Getting the Line of Credit (LOC) should allay concerns on receivables because the lenders will go through everything before giving the LOC. One more good thing is that BCG paid 190crs tax amount in 2019-20 which is not small. That’s more than half the revenue of Affle.

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    Thank @Logan and @Odysee, it makes much more sense now.

    One more Question, I am able to login to platform but not sure how to use it to join AGM on 28th December, 2020, plus not seeing brightcom anywhere after logging in. Any ideas how to join the AGM or do i have to get registered somewhere?

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    [24/12, 4:50 PM] +91 98662 42928: 23. Instructions for members for attending the AGM through VC/OAVM is as under:
    a) Members will be provided with a facility to attend the AGM through VC/OAVM or view the
    live webcast of AGM through the CDSL e-Voting system. Members may access the same at under shareholders’/ members login by using the remote e-voting
    credentials. The link for VC/OAVM will be available in shareholder/members login where
    the EVSN of Company will be displayed.
    b) Members are encouraged to join the Meeting through Laptops for better experience.
    c) Further, Members will be required to allow Camera and use Internet with a good speed to
    avoid any disturbance during the meeting.
    d) Please note that Participants Connecting from Mobile Devices or Tablets or through
    Laptop connecting via Mobile Hotspot may experience Audio/Video loss due to
    fluctuation in their respective network. It is therefore recommended to use Stable Wi-Fi
    or LAN Connection to mitigate any kind of aforesaid glitches.
    e) For ease of conduct, members who would like to ask questions may send their questions
    in advance at least two (2) days before AGM mentioning their name, demat account
    number / folio number, email id, mobile number at and to
    register themselves as a speaker. Those Members who have registered themselves as a
    speaker will only be allowed to express their views/ask questions during the AGM.
    [24/12, 4:51 PM] +91 98662 42928: As per notes in (e) questions should be sent in advance

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    Voted against the proposal of warrants.

    Has anyone got link to attend agm as well?

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    Please vote whatever be your preference, you’ll see mail from aarti consultants in your mail box. But please vote

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    I did not get any email. Also, I dropped them email about adding my email id many days back but did not get any reply back. I sent message at this email –

    Please share the correct email if this is the wrong one.

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    I have voted from my 2 main accounts.
    Mail is from aarticonsultants .

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    To issue the warrants, 75% ot the voting should be in favour of resolution. So it is difficult to go thru the resolution in the current situation. If it fails, we can see the huge jump in the price in the near term as many will start buying the shares in the open market. It is my view. Comments please!!!

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    I voted no to warrants.

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    i voted against warrants and re appointment of Dr. K. Jayalakshmi Kumari. please take your decision based on your thinking without getting influenced.

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    Voted No for warrants

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    They do not need retailers vote at all . Ps and Gs etc etc hold more than 85% . Warrant issue voting will pass on smoothly even if all retailers vote against

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    Agree with the views of the valuebuyer001, because the warrant issue is not a sudden idea to be popped out. They would have worked out all the outcomes before coming up with such a large issue which is 68% of the current equity. The axis NCLT is postponed to jan’21 keeping in view of the resolution if negative to control the price. This is just my assumption and the boarders can share their views.

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    Mail received and i voted yes to warrets issue but no to appiontment of Dr.K.Jayalakshmi Kumari

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    I just believe the administration..I am invested here because i believe them..Whatever it is , its beyond my knowledge about the steps taken.. So i voted ” yes” for all.. Please don’t take it serious..
    Wherever i invested , I always vote for the management, that’s my policy..

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