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    Number of shares are increased to 74 cr. List is for investors with more than 1% holding.
    Example promoters holding percentage is also reduced.


    Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs increased y 15 Lacs i.e now 15,60,02,922.

    Any Other (specify) increase of 15 Cr shares, Now @ 30,28,30,946

    Bodies Corporate Increase of 15 crs, Now @ 22,51,21,491.

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    They have not exited. Due to new share allocation, holding of these people is now under 1%.Therefore, it is not showing in latest shp.

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    Increase in Individual share capital excess of 2 lakhs may be due to increase in share price. I was holding 3 months back 20000 shares and I was in less than 2 lakh bracket as the share price was just 9. But later I moved to more than 2 lakh bracket because share price became 50. However, my holding of 20000 didn’t change. Bottom-line is it is not a clear indicator for anything.


    Well said Folks, Thanks for educating me.

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    so was it simultaneous profit booking by retailers, not single person job?

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    As a retail investor biggest question before me is…. How will the equity dilution affect the share price. Right now PE is roughly 5 because of dilution PE may become 10. My take is when industry average is 35… Given to all positive news like aquisition, LOC, NASDAQ listing… I as an retail investor still see lot of value in this script. I still see with existing fundamentals fair value is more than 100. So I am going to hold. But I am sure I will be facing lot of stress due to market manipulation. I am prepared to face it.


    Same is the case here, Under no circumstances, I will not partake a single share of my holdings, Come What may. Cheers!!!


    @radhutheoptimist, Pls note its not script but SCRIP. Script writing is for movies.

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    @radhutheoptimist Those who are holding 100000 shares (1 lakh) & above only will only come under the the Rs 2 lakhs bracket as its calculated by number of shares multiplied by the face value of BCG which is Rs 2.

    In short its calculated by number of equity shares say yours is 20000 multiplied by face value of Rs 2

    20000×2 = Rs 40000

    The share price doesn’t come into the picture at all in these calculations.

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    Thanks Jay69 for clarification on share holding. I didn’t know that🙏

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    @ #12249 Kris, It is unlikely that both of them sold. When total number of shares was 50 crore, both were above 1% of that. But with ongoing conversion, total share is increased to 85 crore. So both are below 1% now. That will not be counted as separate names. But will be included in ‘those holding above two lakh rs capital’

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    In that case who sold that huge quantity at 9.15 AM, any guesses?

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    Thanks To
    Indian Companies Are Able To Revisit. Thank You Investors!
    Quote Tweet
    Thank you, #NasdaqListed Stonebridge Acquisition Corporation for stopping by to ring @Nasdaq’s Closing Bell!

    Stonebridge ($APAC) provides a bridge for IPO-ready companies in Asia and EMEA regions to access the US and European Capital markets.
    Next is Brightcom Group….

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    Trade Desk starting India operations is very good news for brightcom, people should be able to compare the valuation with Trade desk and learn how brightcom share is undervalued compared to trade desk

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    My view on the digital marketing company acquisition

    The Uplers blog is talking about how Netflix and other OTT companies are using email marketing effectively…Incase Uplers has been working with these companies they would have let the readers know that they were the brains behind this and would have titled it as “How Uplers helped Netflix and other OTT companies”

    However, Uplers might be working with these companies for different channel marketing activities like social media marketing…or these companies might have not allowed Uplers to use their name directly…so, we can’t completely rule out Uplers

    The important take away from this article for me is that Netflix, Disney and other OTT companies does some serious deep thinking and get maximum ROI from these marketing activities…this means whichever company working behind the scenes with them would be having a noteworthy marketing team…we need to be happy that this company with strong marketing team is going to be part of BCG soon..:-)

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    In terms of the target company’ revenues and profits there are some speculations going around in MC forum and YT videos…at this stage it is better not to speculate any number and it’s better to look at it as a strategic investment wherein both companies are going to get benefited by each other in terms of things like

    – Cross selling services to each other’s customers
    – Get new customers with larger deal sizes
    – Penetrate new regions
    – Decrease costs and increase margins
    – Decrease receivable days (hoping DM has lesser receivable days unlike ads business)
    – Strengthen their product portfolio

    It is important to note that the companies that were acquired before by BCG were small but has grown large over a period of time by working together and leveraging each other’s strengths

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    Does anyone follow the way how price was suppressed today? For every buy orders, someone kept a sell order at lower prices – to make sure price doesn’t cross a certain limit. Normal investor would put the sell order at higher price, when price increases, to sell at a higher price. It was totally opposite here. It will only be possible by someone having a huge quantity of shares with them. Management should have to do something on this, else it is going to be a nuisance always. I thought these guys and their families were already dead due to Corona, really irritating to see them still lingering around in different ids – one id to delete messages always hbhullls and another to create panic basuragini. These guys cannot operate without someone holding huge quantity backing up!

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    Is it true that there is going to be an investor call tomorrow and they are going to reveal the name of the acquired company?

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