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    Great pain to bear time in market now! Aacharya Peshwa stays in mumbai , I think , Bombay guyes can attempt to meet him.
    SRK and Peshawa have tweeter handle also..
    Just imformation…

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    Please please calm down. Its no fun seeing money erode, but if you trust the company, and your portfolio allocation is ok (5% or less), just ride the bouncers. The new ball is bound to get old, and easy to bat against. Might get badly trolled for this, but “At one point, Amazon lost more than 90% of its value. But long-term investors still got rich”. If you have over allocated, think deeply. What if the next turnaround comes after 5 years? (just saying)

    At one time, i had invested in a company called Usher Agro. Highly indebted, but i was counting on management to manage. Well the story had a pretty bad ending, company got liquidated (with my money in smoke). Only savior was <5% allocation. Reverse stories are also there. I hold sanjivani parenteral from 2016 at Rs. 14. Check its chart. Its all a part of long term investing.

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    Apologies in advance, if the above offends anyone.

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    If SRK was aware of inpending forensic audit suggested bu SEBI and is in communication with them then he should have fasten the bonus procedure and completed well within feb itself. Rather has given full one month time for voting to investors , illogical ! what was his logic to fix mar 16 as record date? and now no notoficatioons sofar , completely balckout !!!

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    @admin is it possible could you send email on behalf of retail investor of brightcom forum regarding current panic in market.Today it is 5th day of lc in brightcom if it will conitnue like this our all the effort of last many years will go in vain.

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    The riskiest time to invest is when the scrip looks safest. The safest time to invest is when the scrip looks riskiest. selling quantity drastically reducing , hopefully we could see reversal before 11

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    As per forensic audit disclosure rule given in below article, it is mandated to disclose initiation of forensic audit. But BCG need not disclose the final forensic audit report as audit is being initiated by SEBI (the regulator). Here is snippet from article.

    “However, companies need not disclose the final report where the forensic audit has been initiated by the regulator or the enforcement agencies.”

    Nevertheless, investor community would be more than happy if final audit report with management comment is made available to clear the investor doubts.

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    Dear all,
    There are more well informed, intelligent and resourceful investors in this forum, I am giving my personal thoughts,
    1. This is still a 4am stock of SS and mine.
    2. I have confidence in the management and what they have done is well within the law.
    3. FA will clear and position this as a global company
    4. Even market leader (for now) TTD has lost more than 40 % from its high
    5. Global powers are playing their power games and is going out of control
    6. Nobody can put a target on share market and one has to take their own risk
    7. Some bloggers working in mmb are paid by vested interests and they earn their living by posting stupid scare uninformed short term investors.
    8. Things should turn for better close to record date
    9. It is a good opportunity for the company to buy for ESOP
    10. Last but not least everyday I am adding few thousands along with my family and friends. Today also someone bought 50000 shares in one go and total traded quantity is also increasing…selling quantity reducing.
    This is not a buy call…please make your informed decision.
    Patience always pays in a fundamentally strong, New age, Debt free and cash rich company.
    Good luck…lifeisgood

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    I read reports of other companies which had undergone forensic audits by SEBI. In most of the cases SEBI had found suspicion about one specific thing. In BCG’s case it is impairment of assets and in other companies some other reasons.

    J Kumar Infra (Reason for FA – Suspecting the company to be a shell company)

    The stock fell 20% on the day SEBI had asked the company to undergo forensic audit. SEBI suspected that J Kumar was a shell company and had asked the exchanges to appoint an auditor to do the forensic audit. Later SEBI gave a clean chit to the company. The stock rose after the clean chit.

    Sun Pharma (Reason – whistleblower complaint regarding related party transaction)

    As everyone knows Sun Pharma didn’t even inform the market about the audit. Some reports said that Sun got a clean chit from SEBI but whether it got a clean chit or not, after few months some directors of the company paid fines (very little fine of 2.92crs in total) and settled with SEBI for not following the proper procedure. The market reaction was negative for some time but later everything turned okay.

    Prabhat Dairy (Reason – SEBI felt that the company was suppressing book value so that it could delist at a lower price)

    Prabhat had not cooperated well with the auditor and gave only 3 files when they were supposed to give some 20 or 30 files. SEBI had asked the company to deposit 1200+crs also and later Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) quashed that order. After few months Prabhat delisted from the exchanges without any problem.

    SunEdison (Reason – alleging sale of the company’s assets to promoters or its related entities on a slump sale basis at erroneous and reduced valuation)

    After SEBI had ordered a forensic audit, Sunedison gave some clarifications but still SEBI went ahead with the audit. Later Sunedison made some changes in that deal (there’s a big report in notification section of BSE if anyone is interested). The stock fell more than 50% but has recovered since then and has more than doubled.

    Suzlon (Reason – if there’s any violation in disclosure of financial information)

    There is no update on this. We don’t know whether the audit is ongoing or completed. After this notification there’s no update from Suzlon or SEBI. Maybe the company has communicated with it’s shareholders but there’s no information on the public domain. Stock price wise there’s no impact (maybe it fell a little after the FA news).

    Binny Limited (Reason – Not known)

    The stock fell after the company reported that it was asked to undergo FA but after that the stock has performed well.

    There are other companies that were asked to undergo FA but proper details are not available.

    I’m not supporting anyone here but my thinking is that why would the company do any fraud when there was so much scrutiny? Before this forensic audit, if everyone remembers, BCG’s subs had undergone an audit by BDO Global to get LOC and for consolidation. The lenders won’t be too excited about giving loans to a company that has underperforming/non-performing assets.

    Check the fines imposed by EU authorities for violating GDPR. Amazon was fined more than 6000crs. Even biggies like Facebook, Google have paid millions in fines.

    With GDPR, you have to worry about two things : underperforming assets and strict rules (later fines if violation). Now even if Russia offers discounts, no one is excited to buy from it fearing sanctions and there’s no use in doing anything in Russia because it’s economy will get bad.

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    Thank you Logan for sharing the details of well known companies who went through FA in past.
    @ Raja .. I liked your conviction and strategy.

    For worried investors, who are expecting SKR to comment and calm down investors – too much communication won’t be helpful in present scenario. SKR has made his stand very clear on Feb 28th through formal communication to exchanges. Let me put that for read again – “We wish to categorically state that Brightcom, a global company with strong internal controls and an effective audit system, is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, across jurisdictions.”

    Let us back our analysis and conviction, please read the post by DH who invested after years of research, put some very good points.

    Asset impairment is part of product company lifecycle, so let FA happen, even they get some NC observations against BCG, it will make our company more stronger to avoid such in future. Let’s take this event positively.

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    Hi all, First of all a great forum and thanks. I have been peeking on and off. I am invested since a while. Thought its a dud but hung on. But, I feel NOW the time has come for BCG.
    Anyways, I have a suggestion. BACKGROUND-
    The first place one most likely goes to search for a compny is Wikipedia. If you read through the current page –
    what does one notice? Its INCOMPLETE and perhaps misleading too. This forum has far more relevant info with right reasons for our company’s historical legacy.
    I asked a few people to go through the wiki page ( who did not know BCG) and posed a simple question. Would you invest? To my surprise many (9/11) said NO. 2/11 said maybe without even checking the current status. But why?, I will sum up the answers –
    1. Seems like they change their business a lot and we have not heard of these names.
    2. They have been bankrupt, in legal troubles
    3. Only 483 people? Thats a lot of revenue for a 483 employee company.
    I asked to the NO group to check the financials on screener. And asked once more.
    They were too sceptical already and mostly did not bother anymore. And it was beer time too.
    Anyways, I thought why not improve the wiki page with the correct facts and information already available on this forum. We could coordinate with the company if needed. And trollers cannot misrepresent our company like they do on twitter/mmb etc. More importantly we give a good starting point to someone new/big who is interested in BCG.
    What do you think?
    Compare the language used for TTD
    I understand that it may sound silly but, not everyone has researched BCG inside out. Some people just need to be spoon fed in the begining. My suggestion for improving the visibility of our company.

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    good to see huge buying happening. one way its good new strong investors with confidence entering the scrip, those who panicked or people entered in single digit partially exiting, strong players entry in this scrip is very much necessary for future strong up move..good luck guys!!!

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    Dear Friends,
    Mr.SS has paid the balance 75% against the warrants and converted to equity as per recent notification to BSE.

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    BSE update related to the balance payment of Mr.SS

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    All these days I thought he had sold shares which were not even allotted to him. Maybe in the world of naysayers he must’ve sold his shares but what to do reality is what matters. I think two days back when he tweeted something about exiting a position some people started rumors saying that he sold his BCG shares. These people pretend to know everything about everything but they didn’t know that he wasn’t even having shares. Just shows how informed they are and how desperate they can get.

    This news is a confidence booster. He easily could’ve paid the money after all the dust settled but he chose to do it now or he simply could’ve forgotten about it altogether and could’ve written off his investment.

    Now after seeing this news some people are saying that he paid the money only to dump it now because he’s in profits. Man, what do these people really want? Are they so desperate and against a company/person that they don’t mind peddling fake news and forget what’s the reality? I don’t know what they get from it. This much negativity is not good for anyone.

    Mr.Sharma can’t sell his shares immediately because they have a lock-in period. PW allottees had lock-in periods, FPIs also have and any person/entity that subscribes to warrants or preferential shares will have lock-in periods.

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    Hi Logan,
    I was trying my best to save small investors in mmb board..using Lifeisgood id. I totally understand the negative boarders and the level they stoop to..
    My take on these people,
    1. They are working for big operators
    2. They are paid per msg
    3. They take out weak hands
    On the positive side, the same operators will take this to 10x.
    Even now one msg is asking to sell, to place amo order.
    It requires conviction and guts to make money in share market..that to in our market.
    Once again thanks to our admin and would like to meet all of you one day, God willing.
    Nice evening

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    Shankar sharma payment of 75% against warrant itself a positive news. It is the first sign that in forensic audit company will come clear. Secondly, the damage to the company share in this month will be taken care by circuit change which will happen soon after coming out from ASM. In hfcl also circuit changed when it came back to asm 1 from asm 4. Furthermore, inclusion in nifty index will work as a booster dose after 31st march…

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    This roller coaster ride has been unbelievable, I’ve been invested in brightcom since 2015.

    I’ve been reading this comment for a while now “conviction cannot be borrowed !!! ”, I have understood the true meaning after experiencing the ongoing drama of SEBI audit.

    A big shout out to this forum and all the participants. Thank you so much again !!!

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    Other stocks which can give multi fold returns are “Suzlon and HFCL”
    both are ready to blast anytime..


    Please note that as part of the refinancing proposal, the outstanding value of the OCDs held by the Existing Lenders are proposed to converted in to equity shares of the Company. Similarly, it is also proposed to issue warrants to the New Lender. In view of the same and to meet to the future requirements of the Company, it has been felt necessary to increase the authorised share capital of the Company

    During Vibrant Gujarat Summit our step down subsidiary, Suzlon Wind Park Limited, signed MOU with Government of Gujarat to develop 2000 MW wind power project for the potential customers of Suzlon. The work on the same is expected to commence in FY23. Suzlon seeking approval for 900 cr additional shares to lenders\investors so big project is expected to start in near future, so I got into it big time for long term

    HFCL: everyday you could see good news flowing for this company, 5g auction starting in my opinion we could see big movement in this..also this scrip is one of the shankar sharmaji’s 4-am stock..
    This not buy /sell call do your analysis before making any decision

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    Now that Disney Plus is trying ads, how long until the rest of the streamers do, too?

    More streamers may try to hybridize their services

    Disney+ (which owns Hotstar also), one of the biggest streamers, will have ads on it’s platform from this year and other streamers could follow this.

    This is a great news for ad-tech companies. Recently even Zoom and Uber also started this. With CTV growing and traditional cable TV being replaced, ad-tech companies can have many options.

    Companies can’t keep growing with only subscription plans and eventually they’ll have to start a hybrid plan which includes ads.

    Talking about technology, few years back everyone had DVD players in their houses and nowadays almost no one has them. Do those DVD players still have the same value and utility now?

    Will anyone buy a DVD player and also buy CDs and watch movies or TV shows now using them? or will they just click a button and stream the same movies, TV shows on any streaming platform?

    (I don’t think people will take a DVD player even if someone gives them for free)

    Even if some people want to watch movies using DVD players, how many companies are actually making CDs compared to the past?

    What happens to the DVD player? Do you write them off or still think they carry the same value when you bought them? It may get some scrap value (for it’s weight not because of utility). DVD player being a hardware device may have scrap value for it’s weight but what about a software product or a tool or a media space with no one visiting the website. Will advertisers be excited about placing ads on a website with zero visitors?

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