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    Quarterly result also come in a single line with no further detailing which group company has clocked what revenues which continent n which group is best

    It’s like we are invested on mere #SARCASM no no truth as we see none nor on paper nor in reality…


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    My personal opinion – this break up looks favorable to BCG and it’s shareholders. In current global market where every company has revised their strategy and put a pause on mass hiring, in fact many start ups reduced their employee cost significantly in last few months.
    In this situation, strengthening back office through acquisition and spending 566 cr for that doesn’t look a wise call. Rather, they should take sub-contracting route or strengthening back office through partnership is wiser decision. And BCG is doing exactly the same. Also the deal looked costly to me at the time they made, so good that they came out of that. BCG is doing so well in last few quarters, so it’s time to handle financials carefully. In current global slowdown, they can acquire high revenue/profit growth company cheaper. So, I am personally happy with this breakup news. This is purely my personal view. Request my other old boarders to share their thought.

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    Why are we assuming that it was BCG which has cancelled the deal. Think from the perspective of Mediamint management. They were paid a considerable amount in shares of BCG at 120 Rs apiece. Now that the share has corrected by more than 60%, they may be developing cold feet. In Adtech business, there are very few body shops around, which can supply human resources for running and optimizing ad-campaigns. Big ones like Google and FB work with vendors all around the world for this need. So, If I was in MM’s management, I would prefer working for my company, where I know for sure that there is a big demand to fill, rather than betting on near future growth of BCG.

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    The beauty of BCG now is we have to just wait n watch as every investor is now insignificant

    Shareholding has increased manifold n price have depreciated due to reason of CG Complete opaqueness in communication to shareholders on issues at hand like SHP ACQUISITIONS PAST ISSUES it’s all playing on the price

    What as small investors we look forward is just quarterly nos and as it appreciates we see it’s full benefits accruing but till then it’s just going thru the pain of holding like every other LONG TERM INVESTOR

    The worst part is the free float on the market is so humongous that it will be truly out of the box financials to really see the prices soaring ….. It’s actually impossible ….

    It will be a quarter to quarter affair

    Prices will be really stable n within control of privileges few

    SHP does give clear picture of what is the total promoter holding how much is under locked n how much is with FII n what..

    Clear cut presentation huge float will make it extremely difficult to cross it’s previous resistance

    AFFLE has a very low float n majority of stock is with promoters which shows the confidence

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    I think admin was busy and might not have sent the questions list to the IR so if anyone gets chance to ask questions, please include my queries also.

    Please ask the CEO about how Brightcom of 2023, 2024 will be different from Brightcom of 2021, 2022 etc. What did he mean by that?

    Other than FA, please also ask about India business, Audio ad deal, Lycos, investor communication improvement and finally about his thoughts on stock price slide and volatility.

    And please record the AGM, I’m having trouble logging into NSDL and don’t know whether I can attend the AGM or not. It would’ve been better if they held it on Saturday.

    Thanks in advance.

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    can anyone share AGM details..

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    Could not log in either. Did try for quite a long time.
    Can they not introduce an easier methodology for the shareholders to participate?

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    Any opinion to share about the AGM?

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    Any idea about dividend distribution date?

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    @Sobha, before 28th October, but after the brouhaha caused by the bonus credit delay, we may be pleasantly surprised by an early payout. At least that is my hope as it may soothe some ruffled feathers on account of previous dividend delays.

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    *BCG circuit limit being revised to 20 per cent*

    Since the exchanges revised BCG circuit limit, we can assume that the Forensic Audit cleared BCG of any wrong doing and the exchanges consider BCG as a good company worthy to be placed among the leaders of Indian Companies. Expect BCG to do well in future

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    @whyshares ji, I agree with you on this. Instead of assuming the outcome of the FA, the “investors” can also consider this. If the management believes (and i believe that SKR will not lie to all investors) that there is no wrongdoing and the outcome should come in their favor, then it should be so. The circuit revision may or may not have any relation to the audit. I also have a gut feeling that will know about the outcome before December.

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    The important fact to note here is that the circuit of BCG was increased directly from 5% to 20%. Of the 479 stocks revised, only 17 stocks, including Brightcom, went from 5 to 20% directly. This is a strong indication that the exchanges and SEBI are convinced that BCG is a good Company with no outstanding issues. The next step in BCG’s evolution hopefully, will be it inclusion in the F&O segment.

    For inclusion in F&O segment, a stock is chosen from among the top 500 stocks based on average daily market capitalisation and average daily traded value in the previous six months.

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    One more adtech company (cyber media research ) listed yesterday at PE>50 and our BCG is struggling even to get two digit PE. A lot of things specially in CG has to be improved to get proper valuation and respect from market.
    Commitment made to shareholder in last con call to resolve daum by Q2 end(sept 22) is still open. I dnt know why SKR make promises on timelines when he can’t fulfill.

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    Board Meeting on Monday, 17th October to discuss

    1) Audio Ad Definitive Agreement

    2) Lycos deal with Daum

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    @sac6310, my understanding is that Mr Reddy had indicated settlement of Daum by the ‘next’ quarter. I presumed then (and now) that he meant the quarter after the September quarter as the statement was made in the middle of the 2nd quarter during the conference call. It would be a bit harsh to call this non-fulfilment of a timeline promise.

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    In board meeting they should also discuss on dividend crediting ASAP.
    else they will delay and create unnecessary CG issue.

    Most of Companies credit with in 15 days of AGM. (ex: Vedanta, TataSteel)
    SKR should be proactive, should have dedicated team for CG.
    Don’t know why so slow in implementing the process in place. been telling from last 2-3 years.

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    I’m not sure whether the management knows how to communicate with the market/investors. They should give some details at least like name of the target company or the settlement amount (Lycos-DAUM) or timelines of these events etc.

    I feel that they still have private company mentality. Like I’ve mentioned many times before, there’s no one on the board who knows and understands the market. Mr.Peshwa Acharya is good at marketing and I think he’s new to public markets, Mr.Nilendu Narayan is good at accounting and others I don’t think will bring anything important to the company.

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    SHP for the second quarter out, showing close to 6crore sale of shares that were under muskaan and pankti common-sales when compared to the last quarter.
    Any opinions please do share.

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    What I’ve observed all these years is that Drama always follows BCG.

    It’s like that dialogue in KGF movie

    Violence.. Violence… Violence…
    I don’t like it. I avoid.
    But…. Violence likes me..
    I can’t avoid.

    In BCG’s case, it’s Drama instead of violence. There’ll always be one or other thing.

    We all thought that it would end with BCG paying off all the loans and completing Lycos deal but new things happened and the management not focusing enough on sorting them out or improving corporate governance hasn’t improved the situation.

    The CEO said that they’ll focus more on corporate governance this year and let’s see what actions they’ll take to improve that. Their first focus should be on earning the market’s/investors’ trust. I’ve not seen a company trading at such cheap valuations with such growth rates. The market is not ready to give good valuations yet. It did give a good valuation last year but because of FA, SHP, huge free float etc that valuation couldn’t sustain.

    FA is not in their hands but other things are. They should give more clarity on SHP issue and be frank and direct with the investors. The CEO gets negative and annoyed if anyone asks about SHP but he has no choice but to give proper answers.

    Even in the recent announcement regarding audio ad acquisition and Daum settlement deal, they should have provided basic details at least. What’s the point saying that the board discussed this and that without saying what this and that are? Even the market wasn’t convinced with that announcement. I guess the CEO is not ready to take other people’s suggestions and is not able to understand what the market thinks. He doesn’t want to lose control of the company and still runs it as a private company. This may be good for the growth of the business but I’m not sure the market will appreciate that. Investors want companies to be more transparent, give more details than required, and do things sooner than expected (eg – dividend payment).

    Markets appreciate this more than anything else –

    “Action speaks louder than words.”

    It’s time for BCG’s management to follow this mantra. At least from this Deepawali/Diwali they should consider this as a priority and start acting soon on their words. We all want BCG to be valued like the other companies i.e. based on business, growth, future, etc.

    The management should focus on ending all the dramas and removing the uncertainty as much as they can. If these are done then automatically the market will give BCG a good valuation.

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