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    Iam seeing trading pattern at every minute from past fifteen days oak is selling and their holding quantity almost nil I think as on today.some biggies aquiring daily 10lacs to 15 lacs.i think price may not go below rs this scenario small frustrated retailers also big victims.

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    Agree with you max, BCG has to concentrate on resolving the issues. But i still feel that BCG has to learn a lot in handling markets. For some reason I feel SRK wants to handle things in a very secretive way and only come out if it turns out positive. There is nothing wrong in informing market about failures too that adds to credibility and brings in investors who invest on the business and the promoters vision rather than traders.
    Recent event being the leaving of Mr.Pisipati Prasad, we were neither informed what initiative he was working nor informed when he left the company and who has taken over Mr.Pisipati’s initiative now.

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    Below is the post by Brightcom King in Money control forum. “If one has read the ‘The Art of War’ one will know that , All Warfare is Won by Deception. Deception here means the way things are made out to look to all you people the reality is completely different. Your opponents are trying to win the game by forcing you to sell your stock out of fear, frustration, misinformation, provocation, depression and many more human emotion. One can clearly see the game of deception being played out here. The game is being played by the operators along with major share holders to scare away the small investors and make them to sell their holding at these low valuations. The teams of shorters will short the stock when it reaches a specific level and bring down the prices along with the rumour mongers id’s of the forum who post all rubbish day and night. A simple logical thinking will expose these people before you. When they have no stake and interest in the stock why are they spending day and night here talking all rubbish. Time is the most pricey commodity and nobody wants to waste this precious commodity. . Either these id’s are paid servants who are here for earning a living and are part of the operator group who are here to make people sell their stock or these people like to waste their time which can’t be true. The operator involve themselves in confident shorting tomakenpeople sell even if this means losing some of their holdings. The deception game does not stop with the operators and the fake id’s but extend to the other major holders who are controlling the news flow and updating when the time is right. You must have recognize whom I am pointing towards. But nothing to worry. Just buy as I have done. I have been adding and have crossed twenty lacs shares in my holding and lookingfor more. You people can buy what suits fine with you without having any fear. Lots of good is assured here and huge huge returns are on you way. Don’t pay any heed to anybody and get frightened and disappointed by all the trash around. Just hang on and add I as you can. The wait is over. The game of deception is coming to a end. Cheers”. This truly an eye opening post.

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    He is none other than bullguru he always telling ism owning 20 lac shares and still adding.

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    Another post of his is accusing Suresh being together with the Goenkas.

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    This guy Brightcom king has posted “Investors buy stocks which has temporary problems. Problems which does not affect the fundamentals and the intrinsic value of the stock. Problems which will not become permanent and destroy the stock and their investments. All are in search of such a company when these temporary problems go away the company will blossom and along with it their investment. Brightcom is a company with NO PROBLEMS only Artificial ones have been made to deter people from having it. The price has been hammered to such a level like it has big time problems. Is the company burried under debt. NO. is the company showing decline in sales and profits over the years. NO. is the Promoter holding low and have been reducing. NO. is the pledge high and increasing. NO. is the company in decline phase of its life cycle. NO on the contrary it is in its youthful faze where highest Price and PE expansion takes place. The company is going to newer markets to capture more business and also moving to New sunrise sectors of artificial intelligence and machine learning. is the company weak and cannot sustain in markets. NO. on the contrary the company has been building muscle and has strong reserves of three thousand crores and in tune with some of the blue chip shares. SO, there are no problems at the fundamental level. Then how did they manage to hammer these penny levels ! They hammered to this level by creating Artificial Problems like the Daum issue and bank cases related to that. These problems are no problems at all and can be compared to a analogy when one goes out in his car and finds out that the tyre is flat instead of repairing and get a move on he calls all the family members and the nabours out and brag before them how deep is his trouble and he cannot move out to his destination. He does not even have a spanner and his cashflow does not allow him to even purchase a spanner. When he has money to buy a car he can easily have to money to buy a spanner. Similar is the case here with our driver Suresh Reddy. He is just faking the problems and grabbing the stock frim retailers with the help of the operators and their many accounts. These fake problems will go away shortly and the car will be up and moving fast. cheers”

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    @George, please don’t waste our time by posting these crap.

    The CEO is not a fool to make up problems, Daum case really happened and you can see the public records of the case. New York courts won’t lie to the public, they can’t be bribed.

    The company has genuine cash flow problems which can be addressed by taking additional funds that can be either through equity or debt.

    All the companies grow by this method, understand that cash can’t be created artificially.

    If the prices were higher it would benefit the company to raise funds but unfortunately the market never valued the company properly and that’s why they are going with LOC.

    Also there are other problems like cross border transactions, different taxes in different countries, different interest rates in different countries etc and considering all these only the company wants to consolidate all it’s subsidiaries and form a new subsidiary in the US.

    Instead of posting these nonsense messages, try to post something that benefits everyone.

    All the shareholders in other companies respect their CEOs but unfortunately in this company the shareholders make up weird stories and have made the CEO some kind of a villain.
    Yes, he didn’t act quickly to resolve some of the issues but at least now he’s acting on it and trying to resolve them.

    Before posting crap try to understand this “Rome was not built in a day”. The CEO is not a magician to make the problems go away in a second, just like us he’s also a human and he needs time.

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    @George – Please do not post the discussions happening at MMB. In earlier post you had compared dividends wrt to Pressman Advertising. Please see that you are adding things which are informative.

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    We should be proud to be shareholders of a company which does business with famous and reputed clients.

    Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Disney, HBO, BBC, Toyota, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN etc are some of the clients of BCG.

    Some say that BCG is a fake company, numbers are fake etc but if BCG was really a fake company then why would these reputed organisations do business with them? Won’t these companies sue BCG if BCG puts up the names of these companies as clients?

    People who make up weird conspiracy theories and baseless allegations are idiots, they don’t understand the true value of BCG.

    Also we should be lucky to get a new age technology company at this price.

    Mukesh Ambani’s networth is increasing every day because of jio and not because of the petrochemical business. Mukesh Ambani while launching jio said that data is the new oil and he’s right. As more data is consumed, companies like BCG will benefit a lot.

    Companies like Google, Facebook, KKR etc understand the importance of digital technology in India and that’s why they invested in jio.

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    Global Employees 462 and PAT 440 cr as per yesterday’s notification to exchange. That means on average each employee is generating a profit of nearly 1 CR. Looks great. I hope BCG will get LOC soon. LOC will take BCG into a totally different orbit. price should move towards the book value.

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    Brightcom king has posted another post “Friends you all are witnessing huge turnovers each day on both the exchanges. The seller side quantity and purchasers side quantity does not show that much volume but all of a sudden you see a large no transactions have been executed in the traded no of shares for the day and the traded volume keeps on swelling throughout the day since many days. Earlier the average day transactions use to be 5 to 7 lacs shares in a day both exchanges included. But these days there is a huge spike. These are all squaring off transactions between the operators various accounts and the promoters. Many would wonder what on earth made the promoters made the promoters to pledge their holding. The promoters pledged their shares and the money was used by the operators to hammer down and build the quantity for the promoter group. This time the pattern of Goenkas exchanging shares between their accounts is not there. There is no one big spike transaction out of the blue. . This time the everyday high volume transaction is nothing but the squaring off of the transaction between the promoter and the Goenkas. The game of operator shorting is coming to an end by way of handing back the shares to the promoter group. During the next release of the share holding pattern in September you will find that the promoters have purchased back significantly from the open market giving bla bla reasons and the operators reduce their holdings. Axis loan will go along with it the pledge would be released. The Loc will approved and Daum will be settled. All of the above is Good for us. Fair value coming soon. All of the above should be taken in the spirit of how deception games are played out in the market and should not be taken as putting Brightcom in bad light. Let me make it very clear that Brightcom is a great company with superlative fundamentals , strong business and the best stock at these prices in our market. It will be a star performer of our markets in the coming days and my confidence in the stock is reflected in the two million plus share quantity I hold. The above games have been played out in all of the present Multibaggers through the story might be somewhat different. Purchase as much as you can and ensure great returns. Cheers”

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    @George, even after telling you not to post crap, you’re repeating it again.

    The recent increase in volume can’t be because of the promoters buying, understand this, the promoters can’t buy or sell shares from July 1st till 48 hours after the declaration of the financial results for the June quarter.

    If the promoters manipulated the share prices to buy more then they would’ve bought it years back. The price has been low for many years and the promoters haven’t bought shares in that period.

    Mr.Reddy has given loans to the company to clear off the Indian Bank debts. If he was selfish like you’ve mentioned then he would’ve bought shares instead of giving loans to the company. He just wants to clear off the outstanding issues first.

    If the company didn’t have cash flow issues then they wouldn’t have waited all these years to clear off the debt. There was daum case also for which they had to reserve cash, they would’ve given more preference to that because of the pending litigation in courts.

    Yes, there’s manipulation in share prices but that’s not because of the promoters. It’s mainly because of operators and they are doing it with small quantities. If the promoters were involved then why SEBI or the exchanges haven’t found anything wrong all these days?

    The problem is not only with BCG but even other stocks have this problem. Alok industries, Ruchi Soya, Birla tyres etc all fell around 50% from the recent highs.

    Alok’s main investor is Reliance and Ruchi Soya’s is patanjali, will you accuse them like you are accusing Mr Reddy now?

    Have some common sense before posting crap, try to understand the situation that’s going on, you post nonsense messages all the time and to correct you I’ll have to do hours of research and write lengthy posts.

    Also have some respect for the CEO, the company and the stock price will gain attention only if the shareholders respect the CEO.

    If you find any concrete evidence against the CEO or the promoters then share it with us, we all can complain to the authorities, if you don’t then stop posting these nonsense messages.

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    There are idiots who don’t know that Brightcom is a part of Brightcom Group and many so called “innocent retailers” take advice from them and trust them more than they trust the CEO.

    This is very pathetic.

    These idiots talk as if they know everything about the business and the fundamentals but the reality is that they just sit at their homes and comment on things that they don’t understand. They have never run a business.

    Everyone should remember this no one can be good at everything, so these idiots are traders but they are not businessmen. We should understand that business wise the CEO knows better than all of us.

    Without any proof these idiots start accusing the CEO and “innocent retailers” fall prey for that.

    It’s not the CEO’s fault if these “innocent retailers” and speculating idiots don’t understand the reality.

    All the time these “innocent retailers” accuse the promoters of “snatching away” their shares but after every quarter we can that the promoters or their group haven’t increased their holdings at all. This has been happening since many years but these “innocent retailers” haven’t stopped blaming the promoters.

    Till today no one has “snatched away” my shares because I understand the reality and I trust the CEO more than I trust any idiot who comments on various boards.

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    Everyone should understand that Brightcom is 100% owned by Brightcom Group. Online Media Solutions which is 100% owned by BCG does business as Brightcom. The concept maybe new to us but it is totally legal and common in Western countries.

    Many ad tech companies make use of brand name so Brightcom fits better than Online media solutions while using as a brand. We can see many ad tech companies doing this.

    AOL changed millennial media to ONE, so many people think that millennial media is different from ONE but both are one and the same. There are many other similar cases in digital marketing.

    Coming to BCG, the CEO is not a fool to keep the name as Brightcom Group if he doesn’t own Brightcom. Only idiots can have that confusion.

    Brightcom Group is a holding company which holds Brightcom (Online Media Solutions), DreamAd group, Max Interactive, VoloMP etc.

    BCG’s structure is divided into 2 parts, one is software and the other is digital marketing.

    Jacob Nizri, Etai Eitani, Shirley Lowenstein, Shahar Shaharabany and others look after the digital marketing side and the CEO of BCG Mr Reddy doesn’t want to bother these people with market related activities so they don’t sit on board of BCG.

    The software division handles the market related activities.

    The company has CFOs for both digital and software and that’s why the salary for the CFO of software business is less compared to other companies. Software business doesn’t bring the revenue like the digital marketing business.

    I’ll write an article explaining the whole structure.

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    It’s so easy to understand these idiots’ intentions. At first they try to make baseless allegations and try to manipulate others’ sentiment and when we debunk/counter all those nonsense things with facts, they can’t argue any more and they start making up even more weird conspiracy theories.

    Their idiotic brains are not functioned to understand facts.

    Outside they may appear to be confident but inside they are nothing but whining cry babies who can’t argue further with us.

    We should not give any importance to them, we should treat them as comedians and whenever they post something we should just laugh looking at their stupidity.

    “Empty Vessels Make More Noise”.

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    When the company announced dividends in 2016, the promoters didn’t take them, they instead let the company use that amount.

    Everyone can check about that, it’s mentioned in the annual report of the company (mentioned as dividend payable pending). Nothing wrong with that and in fact it’s more postive when the promoters do that.

    This action by the CEO shows the quality of a true leader. He cares more about the company which is good for us shareholders. Many idiots don’t understand that.

    Dreamers are the ones who live in fantasy lands but the world we live in is realistic and only facts matter and how much ever some people try to make baseless allegations we can come up with facts to disprove them.

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    The most funny thing is many people don’t even know how to read an annual report. They see only standalone results and come to conclusion.

    They come up with things that newbies can’t answer but they should be careful when they deal with real investors.

    They bring up unpaid dividend subject which real investors can answer easily and when they can’t find anything concrete they focus on small and silly things.

    If they can’t see details it’s not our fault, they say auditor fee is only Rs.500000 but the fact is that the total auditor fee (for auditing all the subsidiaries) is well over Rs.60,00,000 and it’s clearly mentioned in the annual report.

    Baseless allegations is only for dreamers and not for people who understand facts.

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    There’s awesome discussion going on between idiots on MMB, they are trying to figure out who is the dumbest of all.

    Whenever I’m feeling sad, I read those messages because they are really funny and will entertain us during the COVID-19 times.

    They make fun of our forum just like the frog who lives in a well makes fun of the ocean. Those people are really awesome and I want them to continue their comedy show.

    I’ll cancel all the subscriptions to comedy shows because the greatest comedy show is on MMB.

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    Saul sir, please ignore the noise and continue the good work which you are doing now.. Investors who understand the company and business will benefit for sure.. Regards..

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    @Raj, no problem with that, I enjoy doing that because it’s a great stress buster during the COVID-19 times.

    Many idiots don’t understand that Lycos is not part of BCG’s 2018-19 financials and certainly it’s numbers is not mentioned in the annual report but they argue as if they know everything.

    One clown thinks that a company is good only if mutual funds invest in it. That’s the dumbest argument one can give. Mutual funds and HNIs enter only after a company reaches certain level in market cap.

    We should be expecting comedic things from clowns and not take them seriously. You also join us in making fun of the clowns.

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