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    I don’t know what to call the idiots who spread negativity on MMB. I don’t know whether they are planted by beggars or clowns.

    Sometimes calling them beggars suit more because they always beg others not to buy BCG’s shares, they also go to other stock boards and beg investors not to buy shares. They don’t care about self esteem, they just beg and beg.

    Other times calling them clowns make more sense because of the way they write their messages, it’s so funny and it always cracks me up. Best entertainment during the COVID-19 times.

    Because of COVID-19, many clowns lost their jobs so they came to MMB and started doing their shows there. They were doing it part time before COVID-19 but now they’ve become very involved.

    We have only 2 options, one is laugh at them and the other is to ignore them.

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    Mutual fund had invested in manpasand beverages. Look at what happened to it.

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    @saulgoodman Ignore those clowns in MMB, they are frustrated for some reason or another. Its a waste of time even talking about MMB forum. You have done a whole load of analysis which gives a positive picture of BCG and we are thankful for that, now we wait for SKR deliver on his promises. God bless us all.

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    @sateanna, I understand that, I’m just doing it for fun.

    One person is following the forum every second and whenever I post facts it’s really funny to see his reactions.

    I just want to let him know that he’s a big clown.

    If you check his messages on other stocks, it’s so simple to understand, he doesn’t know a single thing about fundamentals or investing for that matter, he’s just a trader who doesn’t understand the business or doesn’t even know how to read an annual report.

    We can understand his lack of understanding of the situation when he keeps repeating Goldman, Morgan etc. He thinks that only blue chip companies are real and others are all not genuine, dumbest argument ever.

    Only he thinks that he can manipulate share prices, real investors understand the situation and they won’t let a clown like him manipulate them.

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    Very funny discussions are happening in MMB, they have started to use my id name to spread fake information. Those idiots don’t even know that Saul Goodman is a character from a TV show.

    Since I made fun of their leader, he must have ordered his pawns to go after this forum, very funny.

    These idiots can’t answer to our questions, their brains don’t have the capacity to understand logic or facts. So they come up with childish things like using someone else’s id.

    Anyway I’ll be changing my username frequently, let us see how they can keep up with that.

    It doesn’t matter whether I write with Saul Goodman id or some other, all that matters are facts and content.

    My new username will be Heisenberg.

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    Well done Heisenberg Ji for new user id.

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    Dear Just my views are below.
    1. Listen and believe in the updates from the Management.
    2. LOC will give the answer to all doubts about BCG. Many investors are thinking whether the income/profit/EPS is real or fake.
    3. Once LOC is done, it will be next to impossible to enter into BCG before it reaches its fair value
    4. LOC is expected at any time, hopefully in this quarter.
    5. There is nothing worry much about AXIS or Daum, it is a done deal. (of course, it is getting delayed beyond our expectation)
    6. Expect a minimum of 15 % more growth (Q on Q ) in Q3 and Q4.
    7. Lyco’s income and profit will be added once Daum is settled.
    8. Marjory of Pledge share will be released once the AXIS is settled.
    9. Book value is around Rs 60 and will increase once daum is settled.
    10. Imagine what will be the price of BCG in May 2021 (with all the issues are resolved) and income over 3000 CR and EPS over Rs.10.
    11. Those who believe in BCG story please stay invested at least for the next 10 months.

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    These boarders on MMB have multiple IDs and I doubt these people are also the moderators. Unless either these idiots them selves are the moderators are they play hand in glove with the moderators how come our messages that question logically to shut their mouths be blocked by moderators. After detailed analysis of MMB forum I understood that theses people have multiple IDs and converse among them selves to convince the others about their views and bring the price down. The operators on whose behalf these operators hang on to MMB forum acquire good number of shares. Then they change their stance, identities and try to take the price high Where the operators book the profits. These guys then move to another board and start the same play. Usually they play this game in small cap counters. At times promoters too join hands with operators. I too had a suspicion about the promoters of LGS, erstwhile promotes of Ybrant digital.

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    Affle india posted good results..they seen strong demand in June month..even they got affected by covid in April and May month..results are good

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    PBB Ji when I post positive messages in mmb and try to post I am logged out automatically from MMB

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    Just for comparison purposes, BCG’s employee benefit expenses (161cr) are 6 times more than Affle’s (27cr).

    BCG’s tax expenses (617.14 cr) are 13 times more than Affle’s (13.7cr)

    BCG’s tax rate is 28.6% whereas Affle’s is 17.3%.

    Sometimes Companies can play with profits but they can never play with taxes. BCG’s profits are very real just like their taxes.

    It’s very funny when traders talk about fundamentals and investing, they think they can know everything about fundamentals just by seeing only few things. Fundamental analysis is not like trading where you see just charts, some formulas etc.

    CFO salary is standalone one, there is no requirement to declare subsidiary CFO’s salary (as per SEBI).

    Some people can manipulate only gullible newbie investors but they can’t influence real investors.

    Only dreamers can think they can manipulate everyone, they need to wake up and face reality.

    Next move is predictable, they say mutual funds, jhunjhuns etc because they don’t have any facts on their side or they’ll unleash their puppets. Very funny and entertaining during the COVID-19 times.

    Optimus Prime 06
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    Any update in nclt case?

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    Very expected move by the so called expert.

    All the analysts will wait till outstanding issues are resolved. There’s pending litigation with DAUM and that’s why few companies will start covering after all the issues are resolved.

    The company faced many roadblocks in its journey, no one can resolve all the issues in very little time, those things happen only in fairytales and movies.

    Running a business is not as easy as sitting at home and commenting.

    Very funny to see people who don’t know anything about Ad Tech business commenting on it. Really entertaining during the COVID-19 times.

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    BCG’s digital marketing arm has Jacob Nizri, Shirley Lowenstein, Shahar Shaharbany, Yaniv Ben Atia as board members. These people are leaders in their fields.

    The CEO wants them to concentrate on business and not worry about Market related activities so they are not on the parent company’s board.

    Also when BCG had Lycos, the very talented Michael Loren Mauldin, founder of Lycos was an independent board member.

    We should be proud to have these people associated with BCG.

    So called experts should dig deeper to understand the facts. Just looking at the outer surface won’t bring any answers.

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    So called expert should understand that Rome was not built in a day. It doesn’t matter how much ever they spam, all that matters are facts.

    It takes time to resolve everything, if it was so simple then why hasn’t the so called expert started a digital marketing business?

    Running a global company is not as easy as sitting and commenting nonsense.

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    Thanks Heisenberg Ji for taking so much pains to explain

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    Thank you @VALUEBUYER001, how much ever they try to spam, we’ll always have answers for every question of theirs.

    Here they can’t delete messages that have facts. They can do it only on MMB.

    They can never come up with facts and even after logical explanations are given they always repeat irrelevant subjects like muskaan, mutual funds, jhunhuns etc. This shows how little they know about the company.

    Long term investors have suffered enough because of misinformation and manipulation in share prices and they didn’t have a platform to share facts but now the picture is changing.

    Those manipulators on MMB and other boards can manipulate gullible newbie investors but they can never manipulate us. If they continue to do that then no one will use or care about MMB and they will have to shout at each other all the time.

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    One query that I often think on and off is how do couple of ids there I’m MMB, have access to delete messages, whereas none of us does not seem to have the same privileges. Agree it’s totally out of topic, apologies but can’t help posting this question

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    myainvest mmb moderators are in collusion wiyh operators and giv permission to delete or mark offensive of senior boardeers posts. we have this forum. sio i request you to use this forum instead of mmb

    profile inactive, exited bcg
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    I think it has to do with the rank of your badge in MMB? The person with a higher rank can mark as offensive the comments of one with a lower rank?
    Details are here:

    However, now I am feeling may be it’s best just to ignore them. Eventually, no one can deny Brightcom from reaching it’s true value. The MMB boarders might be able to delay it, but they definitely cannot deny it. And somehow, their 24×7 presence in MMB makes me feel more secure about Brightcom – “Stones and sticks are thrown only at fruit-bearing trees”.

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