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    Very interesting article, explaining AD business growth..pls read

    Investment Thesis:
    Advertising is undergoing a fundamental shift. The days of negotiating individual television media buys in the hopes of hitting as many eyeballs as possible are turning. Advertisers, and their agencies, now need to utilize digital advertising more than ever and demand a targeted audience. This is where The Trade Desk (TTD) enters the picture. The Trade Desk provides a platform to the demand side of the industry which fills a massive need. Despite making heavy gains already, this company may just be getting started.

    A fundamental, accelerating, and permanent shift in advertising
    Traditional television advertising, while still the dominant form in the market, is quickly becoming less relevant. The ability to target across digital media is often more efficient and effective than untargeted mass television buys. Social media, connected television, video, search, and the demise of traditional cable and satellite television are changing the game. Programmatic advertising is gaining ground quickly and will likely become the preferred form of advertising in the future.

    Cord-cutting has been going on for many years and the decline of cable and satellite continues. According to one source, 5M more subscribers cut out traditional television in 2020. In addition, most American households now have some type of connected television (CTV). CTV is any televisionaccessed through the internet such as using Roku (ROKU), a gaming counsel, smart TV, or any other internet-based service. Advertisers are looking for access to these mediums and are demanding a targeted audience approach to drive results and efficiency. The Trade Desk has gone all-in on their demand-side platform (DSP) for streaming television and it is paying off big.

    Total digital ad spending will explode to $526B by 2024 according to eMarketer. The Trade Desk, with $1.12B in revenue over the trailing twelve months, has a gigantic runway in the industry. Currently, the company has a reach of 87M U.S. households and 120M devices. The international market
    is also relatively untapped for The Trade Desk at this point. Revenues from outside of North America amounted to just 12% of the total for 2020. Finally, the company is not reliant upon third-party cookies.

    The next five years could mean explosive growth
    I have written previously about The Trade Desk and focused on their Solimar Platform here, and the recent earnings and stock price trends here. This article will focus on the long-term investor and potential long-term outcomes.

    The Trade Desk has been GAAP profitable since 2013. This is great news to investors used to years of losses for many high-growth tech companies. The company is estimated to earn $1.19B in revenue in 2021, a 42% gain over the prior year, and $1.54B in 2022, another 30% increase. Given the macro trends and the company’s recent history, I believe they can continue, or accelerate, this 30% revenue increase for the next five years (2022 – 2026).

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    Congratulations to all the investors. The journey has been very rewarding. Everyone should be feeling proud.

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    Thanks Admin, for creating this forum and thanks everyone (special mention to Logan) for keeping the spirits high. Though my journey with Brightcom started in 2014, it was a difficult one travelling alone. If not for this wonderful community, I’m not sure if I would have sustained this longer despite my confidence in BCG. Though at times I needed my capital back for personal reasons, I decided to delay my gratifications. I’m glad that my decision is being rewarded today. Keep supporting each other, we will grow together.

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    Hello Guys, hope you are enjoying daily UCs in this counter, indeed true multi bagger..i have doubt in future when we book profit we will be getting huge capital gain as our buy price very less, how long term and short term Tax would work in india?
    Taxation of Income Earned from Selling Shares, Long Term and short Term? .Thank you for info

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    Now that BCG is in the ‘MSCI India Domestic Small Cap Indexes List”, I think there is every chance that BCG will be promoted into the F&O segment within 6 months. Is it too big a dream ????

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    Eligibility of F&O stock, 1. The eligibility criteria for inclusion of scrips in F&O segment shall be as under: The stock shall be chosen from amongst the top 500 stocks in terms of average daily market capitalization and average daily traded value in the previous six months on a rolling basis.

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    @explorer, my journey has been similar, although I did find the stock through my own research this group was the guiding light during the dark hours of 2018,2019,2020. If not for this group it would have been extremely difficult to stay invested. So a big shout to all my brothers at brightcominvestorsforum and special thank you to Logan and admin sab.

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    Hi Logan, my hearty thanks to you for having shared all critical information when this stock was struggling around 5-8 rs . I still remember your words in 2020 “those who take this share now are lucky” – with reasons you gave . That was a confidence booster for me to add more to bcg and avg the share at that point of time . Wishing you and all others – Rathi and team of members (sorry I don’t remember individual names now) a wealthy time ahead 🙂 . Awaiting more venues to open up for bcg ..if LOC and Nasdaq listing happens now or by June 2022 it will blast and bump beyond what everyone would have imagined as the important factor of market sentiments is in its favour now

    All the best again and thanks to each and every one here who has shared their opinion


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    Hi All,

    Can someone share the investors meeting recording if any (later today)? I just managed to join now (slightly late)


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    The AR ageing report has been shared by BCG in bse website. Can someone explain the details in the report. Thanks

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    I have uploaded the investors concall transcripts (main points) & the youtube recordings of the entire concall proceedings in this link

    Highlights of Investors concall held on 20th November 2021

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    Comparison between Affle and Brightcom. Hope the guy has got all his figures right!

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    Damn, I never knew that your profits become legit only if you pay dividend. Google, Facebook, The Trade Desk, Magnite Inc, PubMatic etc don’t pay dividends which means all the profits they are making are not legit/real.

    It’s funny how some ignorant people try to fool others and funnier than that is how some investors get fooled by those ignorant people. When you decide to follow someone then it’s important for you to understand their level of knowledge in that particular field. Comparing BCG with an IT company just because both are in technology field is the silliest thing someone can do and raising questions based on that comparison gets me laughing non-stop.

    Some people don’t even understand product development, intangibles etc and they actually consider them as a crime. IT companies don’t have to worry about that so they pay dividend but what about pure-tech companies like BCG? All these years had BCG given dividends and not invested in product development then we wouldn’t have witnessed these levels of growth now.

    “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

    Ad-tech industry is not like the IT industry and things change all the time. Yesterday it was Apple, next year it’ll be Google (Chrome) and later maybe Android will also change their privacy policies. Shouldn’t the company work on this and invest appropriate sums for that? Should you compromise the future of your company and pay dividends?

    Except The Trade Desk, almost all the ad-tech companies have struggled in the past because they weren’t ready to adapt to technological changes/challenges. Everyone can check the struggles of companies like Magnite (Rubicon Project), Perion Network, RocketFuel Inc, Marin Software etc etc. Running a company like BCG is not as easy as sitting at home and commenting.

    All the traditional TV ads are shifting to CTVs and the opportunity there is huge. Shouldn’t BCG invest in that? Will shareholders benefit if BCG has good market share in CTV or will we benefit if we get more dividends?

    Not everyone who comments on a particular stock/company will be an investor. Most of the people who comment on sites like MMB are traders (not necessarily day traders) and momentum investors. Most (not all) won’t even know what type of a company BCG is. They check Moneycontrol or Screener or ET and think BCG as an IT company because these websites mention BCG as an IT company and all their “research” will be based on that.

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    Here is my reading of why BCG is hitting Lower Circuits

    BCG shifted back to T2T segment because of the high speculation. This means no margin trading or day trading. Hence all those who were doing day trading has to unwind their positions, hence desperate selling and the Lower circuit. Those buying now are the long term investors. This downward trend may continue for a few days but after that it will come back to its upward journey. When the bottom will be hit is anybody’s guess.

    From tomorrow, 1st December BCG enters into the MSCI index. So the chance is there that FII (Foreign Institutional investors) may start buying and today’s low may be its lowest point for some time or it may never see this low ever again.

    This is just my guess – I may be wrong

    The experts in this forum please comment. It is disheartening to see this forum with no new messages at all for many days.

    Please post something everyone – Please!

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    @Whyshares buying was so intense after 1 PM, anytime upper circuit is possible, lets see how it goes

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    Since the Q2 results, BCG shares had a good run for about two weeks and hence it is natural that it corrects and consolidates before next round of up move. Not sure as to how soon it would happen, but the price has to start reflect both the underlying value of the stock and growth prospects.

    On a very conservative basis, based on trailing TTM basis, market price should start reflecting the growth of BCG by giving min 30-40 PE multiple by the time Q4 results comes out and BCG meets it’s FY22 guidance numbers of 5000 Cr topline and about 9 rupee EPS. A conservative PE multiple of 30-40 times (Cos showing 40% growth YoY easily command 40 PE multiples) trailing numbers should make the market value BCG between 270-360 rupee range. This is conservative number purely from the perspective of market price reflecting BCG’s Industry leading growth. Even if the preferential warrants and Preferential issue allotment gets completed and the Equity further diluted from 104 to 120 odd crore, given the KSR’s commitment on ROE, Free cash flow generation and shareholder value creation, I am sure BCG would make the India acquisition happen in Q4 along with this equity dilution to ensure that their overall ROE looks good. Hence any number between 270 to 360 is a good target to have for BCG by end of June 22. That would be about 1-2X return from current market price.

    Based on the underlying value and valuation gap that BCG has with some of the industry peers continues to be a value picking and as institutional and retail investors bargain hunt in BCG counter, expect the valuation gap to narrow down (from the current level of PE of 88 for Affle Vs 23 for BCG) significantly, if not fully. Hence expect the PE multiple to expand (Stock re-rating) to 50-60 levels to close the valuation gap with listed Indian peer. This would mean by June 2022, BCG can potentially be in the range of 450-540 range based on both the expected growth and value realization which is currently ongoing.

    That would mean a return of almost 4-5X returns over the next 7 months or so. That is good return to look forward to without factoring in any of the other expected developments.

    So, sit back, relax and accumulate on dips (if you can) and reap the rewards!!

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    A very negative review of BCG has been posted on youtube just about an hour ago. Please let us all know about your reaction to this

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    This you tuber has missed many points what Logan has been pointing out to educate all of us. Also I can see clear frustration of missing a great rally in this stock. He also missed the organic growth and projection what BCG management has even given to exchanges too. And last but not the least inorganic growth which is expected to be kicked off soon. Also I remember someone from our group analyzed Affle Vs BCG very well unlike this you tuber who is biased on Affle and not on top of all BCG business and financial numbers.

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    Ignore such you tubers who post videos without doing proper research on the company. One thing I understand that Shankar sharma is not a fool to invest 60 crores in a stock at 37 without doing a proper evaluation of the company and they don’t invest for 1x or 2x gains . They are in it for the long haul . Any correction in this stock is a normal process but for the long term bcg will give unbelievable returns .

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    The video was clearly biased. Out of curiosity I saw the video. Intent is if we are unable to see any negative due to my positive bias then I should understand it.

    However it was clearly biased. Couple of points like he mentioned increased in margin as per latest concall however he compared margin upto few quarters back. However last 2 quarters did show some margin improvement which he casually ignored.
    Yhe other thing was yearly Financials were compared However he never showed quarterly numbers. If quarterly numbers were shown people would have better understood recent price increase.

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