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    There’s one FII added, small quantity of shares, probably that’s good.
    However, Priya Prakash which was a long term investor, his name is not present.

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    Foreign Portfolio Investors are now holding 36,39,289 (11,45,289 – Sep 2020)

    Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs are now holding 8,81,70,956 (5,47,82,230 – Sep 2020)

    Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs are now holding 13,38,79,282 (11,50,10,391 – Sep 2020)

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    Having more shares in retailers hands might lead to steep lows and too highs, which in my personal opinion is not healthy for a share.
    There could be other advantages also which I am not aware.

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    @Rathi_b, you know the discussions with skr better than anybody. You expressed your confidence also then. You expressed that you cannot reveal everything. Now we see that the retail holding has heavily increased. The number of retail investors doubled. Based on the discussions with skr, what is your thinking now? Goenkas entered in 2014. Why they might have exited? How you evaluate?

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    @sobha yes the Hyderabad investors ( me and others) had meet him thrice. We did discuss about many things amongst them Goenkas and their manipulations were constant mainstay. I’m happy that they are out now, who so ever owns big chunks are stable investors from the past few quarters. We had spoken about axis, LOC and Daum which are pending now that Goenkas are gone. We should expect a major development in this regard this quarter. I am not so bothered about increase in the retail investors who are generally vulnerable and volatile because the company’s share price has been for a long time impinged on the settlement of these issues. These look good to be settled in the near future, we had been constantly asking SKR regarding the developments regarding these issues and we were generously heard and accomodated with updates. So from our meetings with SKR we expect this quarter and the next to be very eventful. Just remember that the issue of warrants has still not been notified and attested by the exchanges so I think once this happens rest will fall in place one by one. @sobha to be very honest if nothing happens before March then it is a new problem for us. Let me very clear we investors who have met him expect atleast LOC or Axis cleared before March at max.

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    In general, how much time exchanges would take to approve the warrants? any timelines e.g. 2 weeks/4 weeks etc? The stock price would be range-bound around ~10 till then I guess.

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    @rathi_b,Thank you very much. Your comments are confidence boosting

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    Thanks to the admin for the forum. Because of him and this forum all the meetings with SKR were possible, you people are a constant motivation for us to meet and discuss important issues with SKR. Just remember we collectively amount to a lot of credibility and respect in the company. Let’s now for all our sake and stake in this organisation hope that we finally earn the money we rightfully deserve. Thank you admin for all your efforts in keeping us intact through a very difficult phase in the market.

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    Everything depends on 2 things. Execution from the company’s side and perception/sentiment from the market side. If the company takes good decisions then it doesn’t matter if retail investors hold more shares.

    When Tanla was trading below 10-20, it had more than 65k retail shareholders (share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh) and they held 45% of the company. Tanla also issued warrants etc but they were mostly to promoters and they didn’t dilute like how BCG is diluting.

    Recently, we saw how the price went up from 4.7 to 9 even in spite of the issuance of warrants. This shows that the market doesn’t care about dilution and all it cares about is actions from the company’s side. The market just wants the company to get past all the issues. All these years the company was struggling for value recognition but that is changing now, most of the market participants understand BCG’s value thanks to 2 things –
    1. Affle coming to the market.
    2. The COVID-19 pandemic which made people understand the importance of digital sector especially new age technology.

    Though I don’t give much importance to things like Axis and Daum, I understand how much impact these have on the sentiment and the valuation of the company. Nobody likes to come on board if a company has pending issues. Would anyone agree to live in a rented house if the owner/house had any litigation? Here also it’s the same. Good thing is that magnitude of the issues is not as big as how people are thinking about them.

    ICICI Direct wrote this about Affle – We believe the rally in Affle is just tip of the iceberg and can see sustained rally for many years. People are seeing Affle as a new age company but when they see BCG they see only India debt, pledged shares, Lycos-Daum etc.

    There should be a shift in how people see the company -when they think of BCG people should start seeing more of Brightcom and less of Lycos. That is when BCG will become famous. ICICI Direct and others won’t look at BCG now because of the market cap and low PE multiple but they’ll praise the same company when it reaches certain valuation.

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    Well said Logan ji.. We need to see closures of pending issues at the earliest. This will help to improve the market sentiment and really want to see our company coming out of penny status. Really fed up of seeing this sub 10 range and continuous UCs & LCs. Recently there were reports about Inmobi IPO this year and atleast by then we should reach at a respectable valuation. As inmobi is softbank backed, there will be lot of noises and sector highlights at that time and we should be ready to capitalise on that sentiments to take the company valuation at par with its peers. Eagerly waiting for LOC announcement also as that gives a befitting reply to the naysayers and those who advocate cookbook theory.

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    Funny part is moneycontrol forum still shows as Lycos Internet and not brightcom Group. 😊

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    Looking at the SHP, the bigger message is G gang seems to be out(about 7 crore shares) and all the shares came to open market and eventually into retail share holders hands – just like what happened when 3.5 crore shares of Oak were sold in open market back in June 2020. This is concerning that no shareholder with sizeable holding is available to keep the management in check. Not sure if all of them have moved out giving up their hope on management or they knew something that we retail shareholders don’t and they are taking whatever is the best offer that they can get (Given that all these shareholders were with BCG for many years now) in the open market and moved their investment out of Brightcom.

    For us retail investors, the prudent thing would be to more vigilant and speak up if something abnormal or out of the ordinary happens to safeguard our interests

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    Dear Friends,

    In continuation with Post # 10008 & 10009,

    Promoters Holdings = 186,627,685 – No change
    Public Holdings = Reduced from 319,878,525 to 317,384,525 (Reduced by 24,94,000 which has been observed by FII)

    Public Increased Qnty
    PRAVEEN KHURANA = 600000
    GEETHA PATHEJA = 105000
    Clearing Members = 3526500
    Total = 4231500

    Public – Decreased Qnty (A)
    Non-Resident Indian (NRI) = 8275481
    N ANIL KUMAR = 435108
    Bodies Corporate = 50002636
    Total = 58713225

    Public – Missing Qnty (B)
    RAJESH GOENKA = 13200000
    PRIYA PRAKASH = 18420691
    Uno Metals Ltd = 25350000
    Total = 69120691
    So, the above Decreased (A) & Missing (B) quantities of 12,78,33,916 has been observed by the retailers which is bit worrying thing.

    Appreciate if some of our experts could share your views in this regard.

    Thank you

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    Dear@vgsatwork, I am also thinking the same thing what you are thinking. Now the situation is confusing that why Rajesh Goenka, Priya Prakash, UNO & AKG exited (either totally exited or reduced their holding below 1%). Also Bodies Corporate decreased its holding by around 5Crs and NRIs reduced their holdings by 82.75lakhs (may be profit booking) and Anil Kumar reduced his holding by 4.35Lakhs (may be profit booking).

    Around 12.78 Crs has been observed by retailers as below;

    Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs : Increased from 406 to 518
    Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs : increased from 49058 to 58112

    If we get some good news in the coming days from the promoters then things will change otherwise SKR should think about it seriously to protect BCG’s reputation and also to prevent further manipulations on the pricing. Lets wait and see.

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    12.78crore share @5 rs will cost more than 63 crores…I don’t think retail investors can invest like this..even we have seen huge quantity buying and selling in sub 6 levels

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    One thing I’ve noticed is that people were frustrated with BCG for not closing off Axis issue and that may have led many people (maybe not the g gang) to exit or trim down their holdings. Except for this recent rally, the price didn’t move for many months and all the other tech companies’ shares were making all time highs and this led people to look at other companies.

    Many will think why should I hold this laggard when I can find many other opportunities.

    Also the g gang is not doing their usual frequent trades like they did in the past – maybe for the last 3 months or more. They’ve stopped it in BCG, Subex, Moldtek and Intense Technologies.

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    Dear @Logan, Totally agree with you.

    Let’s wait and watch Dec 2020 SHP of the following

    Subex (in which UNO is holding 67Lakhs & AKG Finvest is holding 75Lakhs as of Sep 2020 SHP).
    Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd (in which UNO is holding 4.73Lakhs & AKG Finvest is holding 4Lakhs as of Sep 2020 SHP)
    Intense Tech (in which UNO is holding 7.74 Lakhs & AKG Finvest is holding 7.7Lakhs as of Sep 2020 SHP).

    Let’s observe whether UNO & AKG will exit from Subex, Mold-Tek & Intense as well during Dec 2020 SHP.

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    I’m also curious to know how and why did the Goenkas leave so suddenly? From a script that they’ve been tormenting for more than 5 yrs! Were they really driven out by the new players or were they retired once their purpose was served (as someone mentioned in Moneycontrol)?
    Btw, BHAVIN Y MEHTA has reappeared today… maybe he likes trading in BCG. His company ALPHA LEON ENTERPRISES LLP has done bulk buying and selling today.

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    Dear @Admin, appreciate if you could share our BCG Investors Share Holding Table what you have prepared and circulated during Nov 2020 and we may ask our current shareholders to update the same as of now. Many thanks.

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