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    Sent the attached mail to 44 ventures ( they manage the BCG or BCG owns them ?) .. frustration at the peak .. and trying all the possible ways …What if we bombard the all mail accounts related the BCG…
    Not sure if this is a right way …

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    In this DAUM settlement also company is not transperant to investors . Some stories says Korean company is asking more money than initially agreed, some stories says BCG plan is to not to clear this settlement as no benefits to company by paying huge amount and making LYCOS a part of company in the current scenario.
    Some stories says this issue is almost completed ( we are hearing this for the last many months )..
    As an investor what we need is clarity on the ongoing issues . If company is transparent in these issues we investor will have more confidence and can easily defend all the negativities in the social media .
    A few of our members had met with SKR 2-3 times and all the promises he gave to them are still promises and not materialized .
    At this point of time what we need is clear timelines and not promises .
    Company do not have any acquisition plan for organic or inorganic growth with huge cash balance . With mediamint , quantum ,or audio acquisition company followed JV model . So what is the plan with cash balance ?
    We should pressurise the management to get clarity on all our queries . Still companies investor relation group is not functioning properly,I feel .

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    Sir ,
    As a listed company management have some responsibilities and we investors have some rights to know status of ongoing issues . But management always hide or never tried to adress the issues properly with investor community . Infact they always created a space for creating stories .
    We all are so connected through forums and telegram group . Any movement is possible to force the management to do their responsibility in a decent manner ?

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    My Hygrowth model
    Bought 4000 shares @25 rs investing 1L . Sold 3500 @ 29 (~1L ) . Now I have 500 free shares in demat and 1L cash back to my pocket .All happened in a couple of days .
    I suspect the same trick is played by the selfish operators in the last many months ..slow accumulation with out zero investment . Perfect Hygrowth model. Since this model is a brain child of SKR don’t blame me if I belive his connection with operators 😬😬😬

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    Concall expectations :
    ( Company posts q super super result tomorrow)

    CFO starts with the results and some notes on Hygrowth model . Mic to Sateesh ji ..30 minutes lecture on OOH technology.. Peshaw ji enters .. 15 minutes class starts on quantum computing and sadness statement on low PE .. ends up with talk the note ‘discussion going on lycos settlement’
    SKR’ s turn .. Hygrowth model , low capex high Gain model invented by BCG ..future is bright ..
    50 minutes gone ..
    Q& A starts
    Q1: congrats to results and audio deal . Update on FA?
    A: all details have shared and closely working with them to close at the earliest.
    Q2: congrats to results ,SHP ?
    A: can not disclose due to regulations
    Moderator intervenes :
    It is time to wind up the call .. Thank you all!!!
    End of the day Typical investor :learned new ideas like OOH , Hybrid model growth , revised lessons on quantum computing …

    Let’s hope this won’t happen and do not forget to ask proper questions who ever gets chance 🙏

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    We have a strong retail investor group like this forum and telegram group having about 7.5K members . We retailers work better than the management for the good will of the company.. it will be funny if all retailers connected together decided to buy 1000 shares in a particular day and hold till atleast ATH. Single day collect around 70L (7K x 1000) . With the current share price it is not a risky move for a retailer .Same time it will be a shocker for the operator group (if any) who wants to keep the price lower .

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    But the pain point is everybody starts suspecting whether they are making these delays deliberately. Crefibility eroding than the stock price !

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    Any suggestions on “syncom formulations” ?

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